It was Dr. David Banner who said, “You won’t like me when I’m Angry!!” It was his warning to people who would do everything possible to push his buttons. This mild mannered, kind, gentle, soft spoken man who kept to himself, always found himself in situations where people would always get on his “last green nerve.” Once he was ANGRY, he was beyond the point of no return. There are some observations I have about this 1977 classic television series by the name of, “The Incredible Hulk,” starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. This is my comparative analysis of the Incredible Hulk and UNCONTROLLED EXCESSIVE ANGER that people sometimes display:

1. Dr. David Banner’s UNRESOLVED PAST made him the HULK (GREEN AND DESTRUCTIVE), far before something triggered it. (My warning is be nice to people. You don’t know what they have been through before you showed up.)

Here is a recipe for RAGE!!
Dr. David Bruce Banner was born in Trevorton, Colorado, in the first half of the 1940s. His father, D.W. Banner, wanted David to stay on the family farm and take it over from him someday. Instead, David always wanted to be a doctor. David allowed his resentment and anger to simmer for years towards his father. David also blamed His father for the death of his mother, Elizabeth, whom David had found passed away in her bed when he was a child. Later on in life, Dr. David Banner, a widowed physician and scientist, is traumatized by the car accident that killed his beloved wife, Laura. Davis is HAUNTED by his inability to summon the strength he needed to save Laura. HE TURNS TO DRUGS (Performance enhancing). Dr. Banner conducts an unsupervised experiment in the lab, bombarding his own body with gamma radiation. Unknown to Dr. Banner, the equipment has been upgraded, causing him to administer a far higher dose of radiation than he had intended. Despite this, he exhibits no immediate increase in strength, and leaves the lab in frustration.
Did you get the recipe? Childhood desire to be a physician denied, finds his mother dead, widowed, haunted by inability to save her, and turns to drugs.
HERE COMES THE TRIGGER!! Driving home in a heavy rainstorm, Dr. Banner’s frustration peaks when his car has a flat tire and he injures himself trying to change it. This triggers his transformation into The Hulk. The Hulk destroys his car and wanders off into the nearby woods. As the sun rises, the Hulk stumbles upon a girl and her father camping. In the ensuing confusion, the Hulk is shot by the girl’s father, and responds by breaking his rifle and throwing him into the pond. Now added, we have a fugitive, a gunshot wound, destruction of property ,and a possible charge of assault or attempted murder.

POINT: Bring closure to your UNRESOLVED ISSUES from your PAST.

2. UNCONTROLLED EXCESSIVE ANGER WILL make you GAIN WEIGHT. His anger triggered his transformation into the Incredible Hulk, a 7-foot-tall, 330-pound, green-skinned savage creature, with a sub-human mind and superhuman strength. It takes a toll on your body.

3. UNCONTROLLED EXCESSIVE ANGER will cost you financially for the replacement of destroyed property that belongs to you and others. Can you imagine what his clothes and shoes cost to be replaced every time he LOST IT?

4. UNCONTROLLED EXCESSIVE ANGER will cause you to do things you don’t remember. The Hulk eventually transforms back into Dr. David Banner with no memory of his time as the Hulk and little memory of the events immediately before and after. Angry people say, “I lost it!!” When the rage leaves, YOU ONLY RECOGNIZE THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE CAUSED.

3. UNCONTROLLED EXCESSIVE ANGER will force you to live separately from the people you LOVE. Because you cannot control the HULK-like anger, you are a threat to yourself and others around you. He has to live in seclusion.

4. UNCONTROLLED EXCESSIVE ANGER will not be resolved by moving from place to place. Everywhere he went, he showed up as David Banner on the outside, but always carried within him the rage of a 7-foot-tall, 330-pound, green-skinned savage creature, with a sub-human mind and superhuman strength.




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  1. Oh Lord! This is interesting and yet so true!

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  2. Now if this ain’t the truth.

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