Doing Right Is It’s Own REWARD!!


 Somehow our world has taught us that right always requires a reward.  In the development of children, reward has always been payment for an expected performance.  The problem is when children grow to become adults and still look forward to reward for doing right.  Going to work on time, driving the speed limit, paying your bills, being faithful in marriage, eating right, being fair, telling the truth, are all acts attributed to doing right but, none should require reward.

What is the reward then?  DOING RIGHT is it’s own reward.  The peace, the assurance, and the joy of knowing that you have done RIGHT is actually payment enough.  The soothing drowsiness required for a great night sleep, comes from knowing that you have been fair, kind, loving, forgiving, and encouraging during the day. 

I really hate to see adults looking for pats on the back, certificates, recognition, trophies, public accolades, and payment for coming to work on time, attending church weekly, and raising their own children. 


Many people cease DOING RIGHT because no one acknowledges their contribution.  Like children desiring attention, they cease doing what they know is right to do because there is no REWARD present.  

Maybe this is the unwritten chapter in the book of maturity that many did not read?  If neccessary, if the shoe fits, if no one ever shared this with you, then feel free to post, cut and paste, or even staple this to your list of morals, values, and principles to live by.

If no one ever pats you on the back, acknowledges your hardwork and dedication, or appreciates your sacrifice, you can still be HAPPY knowing that RIGHT IS THE PEACEFUL PAYMENT for DOING RIGHT!!


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  1. Powerful My Brother… BIG WILL run by faith!!!

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