God’s Care For Babies and Fools: What About The Rest Of Us?


 I have always heard the statement, “GOD takes care of babies and fools!!”  Somehow over the years, we have watched GOD move on behalf of those who we consider either a baby or a fool.  Evidently, it has happened so often that we have accepted this statement as truth according to our witnessed Works of God.  We have seen helpless babies and ignorant fools cheat death, survive the worst, and even come back against all odds, and live to tell about it.  We believe God takes care of babies and fools!!

My question is, “What happens when you are between a baby and a fool?  Who cares for us?  What would we be labeled?  
Why does God care for babies?  God cares for babies because, babies are unable to care for themselves.  Babies are unequipped to provide or protect themselves. Babies without GOD would be helpless and hopeless.  Their very existence is dependent upon someone else’s actions. In the event that those responsible are negligent, we have seen where GOD still provides.
 We generally say, the Fool is the person who simply knows no better.  A Fool would be someone who knows better but acts opposite of the knowledge that they have acquired.  Based upon life experience, trials and tribulation, and even ups and downs, the Fool who should know better, is the one who does not do better.  A Fool is a person who after given all of the obvious, proven facts, still chooses the route opposite of what he knows to be right. 
My observation use to be, “Either you are a baby or a fool, and you are too old to be a baby!” That means you must be a fool!!   Well today, I want to extend the categories of God’s care to include babies, fools, and what I call, BABY FOOLS!!
If by chance this offends some, let me clean it up enough that it might be palatable for the sensitive.  Like babies, all of us are incapable  of providing and protecting ourselves outside of the Care and Protection of GOD. As sheep with a SHEPHERD, we live HABITUALLY DEPENDENT upon GOD daily.  
Like Fools, with all the knowledge, blessings, and experience of knowing a GREAT GOD, still we blow it, ALWAYS!! In spite of our short comings, GOD still loves us!!  HE commended HIS LOVE toward us in that while we were yet sinners, CHRIST died for us(Rom 5:8).
Ok, who want to be called a BABY FOOL?  OK, I get it. Maybe you can come up with a nice name other than a recipient of God’s Grace and Mercy(Baby Fool). 
Here are a few benefits of being a Baby Fool: 
1. Rather you are a baby, fool, or Baby Fool,  GOD loves and cares for you.  
2.  At some point and during the course of your life, you will have become each of these.  Take comfort in knowing that you will never outgrow the LOVE OF GOD.  As you transition from baby, to fool, to baby fool, know that GOD’s LOVE can adjust to your needs!! 
3.  The forgiveness of GOD is available for Baby Fools as well.  If you confess your sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive you of yours sins and cleanse you all unrighteousness. (1Jn 1:9)
If you are too old to be a baby, and too wise to be a fool, then what are you? Try on baby fool, ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!

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