Are You Mr. Magoo!!

  If you actually know who Mr. Magoo is, you are no longer young, hot, and tempting. You are seasoned, warm, and nice to be around. Let me be first to say, welcome to the Senior’s Club. Mr. Magoo was a cartoon created by two men by the names of Millard Kaufman and John Hubley in 1949. In 2002, TV Guide ranked Mr. Magoo number 29 on its “50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time.” Mr. Magoo was a funny series of cartoons about the life, times, and adventures of an old retired man. This wasn’t just an ordinary old man, he was a very smart old man. Not only was he old and smart, but he was blind. He is blind and stubbornly refuses to admit that he is blind. He is actually NEARSIGHTED. He can see something, but most of the world he cannot see. He goes through life according to his own perception and sight, which is very limited. A pair of eye glasses would resolve this problem, but Mr. Magoo is blind and don’t know it. Through his eyes, he is right and the whole world is wrong and consequently, just in his way. Everyday is a new adventure of his shaving with a toothbrush while complaining about how dull it is, driving his car in the opposite direction of traffic, and even going through the car wash backwards while thinking it is raining briefly outside and complaining. With Mr. MAGOO, everybody is wrong but him because life is seen through his NEARSIGHTED EYES. What could be worse than a blind complainer that has no clue he cannot see? The surprising thing about Mr. MAGOO is he has others around him. First, there is man’s best friend, his dog ,McBarker. He is a loyal pet to his master. The only problem is McBarker is blind too. This is the typical ” blind leading the blind” scenario. As faithful of a dog as he can be, he is NO HELP to Mr. MAGOO. McBarker can’t see either. They walk together off ledges, buildings, and even through alligator pit, and lion dens. The crazy part about it is Mr. Magoo never suffers any hurt or harm. EVERYBODY ELSE trying to stop, save or help him, suffers the damage. I REPEAT, EVERYBODY ELSE trying to stop, save, or help him, suffers the damage. Secondly, there is Charlie, the Chinese houseboy. Charlie speaks bad English but he too is faithful to Mr. Magoo. The big difference between Mr.Magoo, McBarker, and Charlie is, Charlie can SEE!! As he faithfully serves Mr. Magoo and escorts him on trips in a car driven by the blind Mr. Magoo, Charlie fears for his life, while at the same time finds resourceful ways of keeping Mr. Magoo, McBarker, and himself alive. Mr. Magoo is totally unaware that he is NEARSIGHTED. God, Charlie, and the entire world seem to shift and shuffle about daily to keep the old man alive, while he walks throughout his life not knowing he is blind. At the end of the day, Charlie is exhausted , the world is a disaster, while Mr. Magoo ends his day with a shower in a closet which he mistakes for the bathroom. YOU KNOW I HAVE QUESTIONS!! Are you Mr. Magoo? Are you blindly walking through life complaining, and blaming everybody else for holding you back and impeding your progress? Are you right and everybody else wrong? Are you McBarker, the blind best friend? You are no help and assistance to your friend. You go with and lead your friend into more dangerous and life threatening acts. McBarker is the “ride or die” friend and consequently makes an appearance in all the selfies!! Mr. Magoo and McBarker can frequently be found, “TURNT UP!!” My momma said, “the blind leading the d%€* blind.” Are you Charlie, the FAITHFUL FRIEND with SIGHT? You, like Charlie are loyal to your friend. You agree to put your life on the line for them. You spend too much time saving your blind friend from destroying themselves and killing you in the process. You have become resourceful at being the designated driver, conflict resolution specialist, and repairer of everything they destroy and tear up. Poor Mr. Magoo never knew he was blind and nobody told him. A pair of corrected lenses would have cured, saved, and resolved this situation. Honesty would have provided Mr. Magoo, McBarker, and Charlie with a better quality of life. If only someone would have just been honest with the man. But why tell him? This is a funny cartoon right? Some people won’t tell you because they are too busy laughing at you!! ARE YOU MR. MAGOO?……..(step back..mic drops…walk off stage…. Mic feedback….stage fades to black!!)


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