JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!! Check it out!!

When I was a teenager, the greatest accomplishment you could ever achieve was not good grades or the presentation of an award by the School Principal, but the greatest achievement is when your friends saw you in the family car, passing by and you were behind the wheel.
Thirty years later, we are still “behind the wheel” of our lives, trying to impress others. 
Just like a new teenager learning to drive, when ONLY want the wheel at convenient times and when others are watching.  We like teenagers, prefer the open road, straightaways, sunny days with clear blue skies, and of course, when all eyes are on us.  We want to look good!!  Many times our desire to drive was solely based upon who was watching!!  As nervous as we were driving, fear, sweat, and a racing heart beat were all worth that two second moment whereby the whole neighborhood stopped and stared in awe and amazement.  Just to hear others saying, “He’s driving!” was a cloud nine moment to say the least.  It didn’t matter if your driving distance was around the block or fifteen feet, it was all about the “Bragging rights.” Rather your parent was riding in the car or somewhere standing and watching, you were still the “Man.”  
Not much has changed over the years.  Our lives have become the cars we desired to drive, and GOD has become the co-pilot/ driver that accompanies us on every trip. 
“JESUS, Take the wheel!,” is the new catch phrase going around now.  Many declare, “JESUS take the wheel,” when we are tired, fed up, lost, or seconds prior to totally wrecking our lives.  
When we are in storms, crazy traffic, or about to run out of gas, then we cry, JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!! 
HOW DID YOU GET THE WHEEL IN THE FIRST PLACE?  When did you assume command and control of the vehicle?  In church, everybody stands and declares, “Giving honor to GOD, who is the head of my life (driver of the car of my life).”  How is it that we keep switching seats?  
There is ONLY ONE steering wheel in every vehicle.  My question is, “Who is driving when all this crashing is going on?
Instead of adding myself to the insurance of my vehicle as a driver, why don’t I make GOD the operator who gives the assurance of a safe insured ride through life? 
It’s funny how we have advanced beyond the “Footprints” poem.  The beautiful poem speaks of two sets of footprints in the sand that were visible in good times. They noticed that during tough times, there was only one set of footprints present.  It was assumed that God abandoned them.  God cleared up the misconception by stating, “Those were my footprints, I was carrying you.”  Instead of footprints, let me offer Tire tracks.  As we follow your trail of tire tracks through life, we see many twist and turns, stops and starts, ups and downs. When things are GREAT, you wave out the driver side window!! When things are tough, do you yell out, “Jesus take the wheel?”

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