Interpreting The Cries of Men and Boys!!

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Interpreting The Cries Of Men and Boys!!

Mothers are instinctively built to interpret the cries of babies. A real mother can tell if this is a cry of hunger, wet, sleep, or pain.  We must all must learn to INTERPRET the CRY of our Young man and boys!!
Men have been taught all of our life that to cry, express emotion, or show feelings, is a sign of weakness.  If a boy falls and hits his head on the corner a coffee table and bleeds, he is told to stand up, shake it off, and don’t cry.  This is stupid and inhumane.  Men and women are guilty of teaching this misconception.  The boy who grows up like this will only learn to implode and ultimately explode at the wrong time and on the wrong people.  The boy becomes the man that shows up in relationships and in church unable to love, smile or praise God.  Now we have an army of men who are numb and have disengaged from their emotions.  Most boys will not cry out with tears and say, “I wish I had a Daddy or I miss my Daddy!!” They will cry in other ways.  We must be patient and loving enough to interpret the cry and RESPOND.  JESUS our greatest example of a man, wept, loved, and showed emotion.  If JESUS DID THEN WE SHOULD.

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