Fix Your face!!


 FIX YOUR FACE!!  Check it out on
I can hear my mother saying, “Fix your face!!”  This is shortly after she has said it done something to me.  Abuse is such a strong word haha.  Right after a good right hook, she would say, “Now fix your face!!” In honor of all mothers with the ability to frown faces, here are four reasons why GROWN FOLKS SHOULD FIX YOUR FACE!!

1. Frowning WON’T FIX IT!!

What ever the issue, the person, or the problem, frowning I guarantee you won’t fix it.  Don’t Fake, Figure it out and fix it. 

2.  Frowning is an External  Proclaimer of your Internal Dilemma.  The look on your face indicates to others that there is something going on wrong in your life.  People draw conclusions based upon your countenance.  The song says, “If you are happy and you know it, then your face should really show it, right?”
3. Frowning is almost always displayed to the undeserving. Someone will say,”I didn’t do anything to you!!”  Most times the recipient of the frowned face has nothing to do with causing it. The people that love you the most should not be forced to endure your contorted face.
4.  Frowning can be fatal.  In my mother’s house for sure.  The wrong face, at the wrong time, in close proximity to my mother’s hand can prove to be fatal.  
5.  Frowning can be forever .  Old school mothers made a promise to permanently fix a face forever. I still believe it’s true.  
Do us a favor, FIX YOUR FACE!! It’s easier on the eyes!!

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