EVERYBODY LOVES A GOOD FIGHT!! Check it out therealwil.com

I remember in elementary school, the one thing that made everybody in school break out into a run was, when someone yelled out, “They’re fighting!!”  Everybody would stop whatever they were doing and come to see.  I learned then that everybody loves a good fight, including me.  The Mayweather/Pacquiao event is set to net the fighters over three hundred million dollars!!  That’s a lot of money for a fight.  The title of Welterweight champion of the World is on the line. At the end of the night, one will emerge a champion and the other loser.  I know of fight that is far more important, more eventful, and has a greater prize at stake (my soul).  Pay-per-view will not cover this bout, but if you miss it today, you can catch it tommorow because it’s my Daily Dual with my Duality. I’m pretty sure it’s quite comical to the spectator in the stands of my life watching.  Most won’t watch because they are fighting the same fight within themselves.  

 Every morning when I wake up, my alarm screams, “It’s a fight!!”  As a matter of fact, my alarm sounds off more like a boxing ring bell for a round of boxing, than a wake up call.  The alarm goes off, and from the time I open my eyes, the fighters are off to a full-fledged slugfest.  My first thought is actually the first swing and hopefully if it’s A Godly thought, I have a good chance to get the upper hand on my opponent.  The tough part about my opponent (flesh) is he hails from within, and so does the other side of me(spirit).  The boxing ring is my mind, and I have lost entire fights on the first punch thrown in my mind!! A full one round is equal to a twenty four day, but I must admit, most daily bouts are over before my feet even hit the ground.  

I truly think one round of spiritual boxing is equivalent to an eight hour day.  Maybe it’s why so many of us get to work drained and smoked out.  

What is crazy is, its a fight of me against me!! The good me against the bad me!! It looks like two identical twins struggling for the win.  Paul says, “When I would do good, evil is always present.”  I thought that the older I became the less fighting would be done.  I was wrong.  The fight is not over the same things, but still there is a fight. 

Who wins?  The one who I feed and nurture the most.  I choose to feed the spiritual side of me, that will strengthen and give me the victory!!

 I hope you do the same!!

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