I WOKE UP TEN YEARS LATER. I sat up and it seemed as though everything was fine after what I thought was a good night sleep. As I begin to move around my place I saw no sign of aging because I am a disciplined routine person. Things stay the same for a reason. This is how you can easily detect the areas that need tweaking for perfection. It’s funny how you can fall into the same routine for years and it never dawn on you how long it’s been.  When I woke up, I had been wearing the same clothes and shoes for ten years. They still look good and held up well. My uncle said, “That’s the problem was with quality stuff, you will wear out before it does.” I figured this out the very moment I looked at pictures taken years ago. I said to myself, ” I still wear the same clothes.” I looked around and the children I knew then, are all almost grown now. When I ran into people that I knew then, have all aged. What disturbed me the most was looking at the people that I had fallen out with before I fell asleep. Many have offered explanations, and or apologies for misunderstandings and wrong doings. Others have continued to live on as if it never happened. Most importantly, they have MOVED ON.  

I went to sleep ANGRY and have

stayed angry all of these years. I have often declared, “I am over that stuff,” but I was actually still sleep. Sadly enough, when you fall asleep angry and wake up, it is the equivalent of being released from prison after twenty years and trying to reacquaint yourself to the new world. I am standing here asking myself, “Why didn’t I change with everybody else?” I HAVE THE ANSWER NOW. I went to sleep mad ten years ago and just woke up. I saw someone the other day and remembered that they were screwed up and made a mockery of their life (before I went to sleep),but now they are doing great in public service. I said to myself, “People are forgiving and people don’t stay they same. People do get better and life moves on.”  

It dawned on me, I have been on the dance floor for ten years perpetually changing partners but never leaving the floor. Hurt, pain, disappointment, betrayal, and so many more have simply took their turn dancing with me. Each of them have danced a while and when they got tired, turned me into the hands of the next one waiting. What a freaking dream. Ten years later, I wake up face down on the dance floor of an dark,empty, condemned building that was a club years ago.  

Only God can wake you out of a deep sleep or a coma of bitterness. It is why I love the LORD so much.  

God is a forgiving God and HE is the God of another chance. Ten years is not a long time when you compare it to someone who dies angry in their sleep. I am glad he woke me up.

Here is the question and here is what I learned. Why wasn’t I able to wake up earlier? Answer: My bitterness and hurt would continue to rock me back to sleep. This is what echoes in my ear, Wake up and get over it!! Let it go and move on!! Let other go and stop holding people hostage for past mistakes!!

Dear GOD, thank you for loving me enough to wake me up from my sleep of anger. 

Momma taught us to say our prayers before bed. In that prayer, we always included a confession of sin and a request for forgiveness. 1 John 1:9 if we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse of all unrighteousness. It always included thanksgiving for what HE has and will do for us. It always included a request for God to watch over us.  


I am grateful for GOD waking me up. I am convinced, if he can wake me up, HE CAN WAKE UP ANYBODY!! 
I am praying for you!!


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  1. A good read something to think about. Very well written. Puts you in a realistic place.

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  2. Absolutely Wonderful!


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