“The Struggle In Leaving A Street Called MISERY”

“The Struggle In Leaving A Street Called MISERY”
As we turn back down this street, it seems all to familiar. It’s almost as if the steering wheel turns all by itself onto this street. Even though the I am doing what most consider as crazy, I AM TALKING TO MYSELF.  

It’s a one-sided conversation, because the other side of me is not answering back, just driving. Why are doing this? I thought we had an agreement? You said this was it. I asked you and the words that came out of your mouth were, “I’m done.” The last time this happened, I held you all night as you cried until you fell asleep. You promised that you were done and gone forever. Why are you turning around? You packed, you left the note, you left the key, and locked the door behind you.

  So why are we turning around? You said, “I’m better than this and God has to have better for me.” We were making good progress. You threw the bags in the car, we buckled up, and backed out of the driveway. As you whipped the wheel with authority, I watched you roll your eyes, and even whisper a few words of profanity, as we pulled away from the place that we were leaving forever. I could feel your confidence build as the car accelerated. I said to myself, Thank you Lord, we are on our way now, but something happened. It always happens with you and I’m sick of it.  

If it were possible, I would have you pull over and let me out of this God forsaken car. It would end for me this nightmarish roller coaster of ride with you, because I’m seriously tired of it. You have so much potential, so much love to give, and you deserve so much more. It kills me to know that you don’t think you deserve anymore than what you’ve been getting.   

Now, here we sit at the corner of the street, the turn signal on, and all you have to do is GO. “Go I scream,” but you won’t take your foot off the brake. Why won’t you go? You look up and sigh. Why do always have to look up? It’s the same old street sign, and you know what it says, so why read it out loud? “Known miseries,” I hear you say. I almost hate you for it, because I know what it does to you, and what you are getting ready to do. You are getting ready to TURN AROUND.  

You mean to tell me, you would rather go back to KNOWN MISERIES, and forfeit your chance at UNKNOWN

OPPORTUNITIES? “I’m scared,” you say. Scared? You should scared to go back. “It’s comfortable, I know what to expect, I know how to find a little bit of happiness in it,” you say. I wish I could put my foot over there, mash the gas, and drive you out of here myself, but I know you would just go back anyway.  

Aren’t you sick of it? It’s the same old routine. You turn the car around, and everything goes back to being THE SAME. Same driveway, same parking space, same life, same crap.

We pull back in, grab the bags, and walk to the same door we just walked out of. Guess who’s at the door waiting on you? The same, low down, despicable, smiling face of KNOWN MISERIES. He is holding the door open, and gladly welcoming you back home. I hate him for what he has done to you, but I hate you for allowing it.  

You were so close to deliverance, and a new life, but evidently not close enough.  

Before you walk back in, let me give you a little advice. If you are ever gonna leave KNOWN MISERIES, here are a few conclusions that I think you must come to:

1. You have to truly love yourself and desire the BEST for you.

2. You have to love where you going, more than where you have been. 

3. You have to be believe that GOD has better for you.

4. You FAITH in SUCCEEDING has to be greater than your FEAR of FAILING.

I would rather DIE seeking UNKNOWN OPPORTUNITIES than to LIVE stuck with KNOWN MISERIES.


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  1. That’s Powerful BIG WILL (run by faith). I needed that. You are so gifted.


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  2. WOWWWW! I think this just saved my life! This was POWERFUL! Wilford u are an amazing writer

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  3. You amaze me with your analogies. Praise God for you!!

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  4. This was me for seven years 2months. But instead of walking away this time. I ran like I was in a marathon to keep from looking back. I thank God for a peace of mind hmmm, the unknown isn’t bad after all.


  5. This was me for seven years and two months. But this time instead of walking away I ran as if I was in a marathon making sure,not to look back. Oh so grateful to God for a peace of mind. Hmmmm the unknown isn’t to bad after all.


  6. Breonna Williamson February 1, 2017 — 3:55 pm

    My Lord. There is definitely deliverance in your writing and teaching. I thank God for you. Thank you for pouring into us even when you yourself are going through. You are a blessing to us all!

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