What To Do When The World Boos You!!

What To Do When The World Hates You!! @therealwil.com

Do you recognize these names? Kobe Bryant, Michael Vic, Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens, Tiger Woods, Dennis Rodman, and just added to my list is LeBron James. Believe it or not, all of these men have several things in common.

In my opinion, 

1. All of these Men achieved GREATNESS in their respective areas of expertise.  

2. All of these Men have experienced OVERWHELMING OPPOSITION, HATRED, and ABANDONMENT.

3. I like them regardless of what anybody else has to say.  

Maybe you like as well. These guys have made my FAVORITE LIST. The reasons have nothing to do with their abilities, talents, and gifts, but for other reasons. 

From the outside looking in, GREATNESS doesn’t seem like such a huge task, when you are GIFTED AND TALENTED. When you are paid millions of dollars, it seems like a piece of cake. When you have fans worldwide, supporting, and cheering, it looks like easy money. In my mind, the money and the fans alone would be the fuel necessary for me to come out every game and have a stellar performance. 

What gets me about these guys is, even WITHOUT the love, encouragement, and undying support of fans, they still CONSISTENTLY PERFORMED at the top of their game. This intrigues me!! It truly sparks my interest. 

It tells me that the level “UP THERE,” is not all that it is cracked up to be. Too many times, we have misconceptions about levels that we have NEVER been on. You would think that if I hit all the shots, scored the home runs, and threw all the touchdowns, that everybody would love me. This is not the case. Being the BEST at what you do, does not mean that the world will celebrate you. These men on my favorite list have proven that. You can be as gifted as Kobe, blessed as Vic, powerful as Barry, consistent as Tiger, fast as Terrell, effective as Dennis, and even as strong in the paint as LeBron, but you still can be HATED.

What gets me is, the way these guys PERSEVERE in the mist of all the HATRED. I am sure that when they were little boys, they had no idea they would have this to deal with.  

As I observe these men that the world hates, here are a few resolves of mine: 

1. Do what you LOVE to do. All of these men had a great love and passion for their sport.

2.  Just because the world hates you, is not a good enough reason for you not to be your BEST!!

3. Never work or live for the APPLAUSE of others. They will let you down every time. 

4. FUEL your OWN FIRE!! If others add to the fire, GREAT!! If they don’t, you will still be fine!!

I cannot close without saying that my GREATEST HERO is JESUS!! 

HE was at HIS BEST, when the world was at its WORST!!


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