Have you ever wondered why we get mad and upset but start cleaning? When we hit the roof, why do we organize the clothes hanging in the closet? When we are pushed to our limit, why do we push the vacuum cleaner and polish the brass? Why, just before the conniption and sometimes after, we reach for cleaning products? It’s weird, but Scrubbing Bubbles are chosen as an alternative to scratching someone’s eyeballs out.  

Is it because mopping manages my mood? Folding brings down my frustration? Does decluttering defuse my dark disposition? 

I’d like to offer my thoughts:

1. Whatever the correlation between cleaning and anger is, I like it. I BELIEVE IT SERVES AS A HEALTHY OUTLET. 

 If mopping soothes the savage beast within me, so be it. I would rather sweep my BLOOD PRESSURE down to a normal level, than to say or do something that I will regret later. Cleaning is not addictive and it cannot be sold by or purchased from the neighborhood drug man. When the frustration leaves, you can simply drop the mop and return to life as usual. I promise, there are no rehabs for dusting countertops and washing dishes. 

2. Cleaning and cursing are a perfect match because it GIVES MY HANDS SOMETHING TO DO, WHILE MY MIND IS AT WORK. The worst thing to provide a disgruntled and fed up woman with, is probably a house that needs some cleaning. When the dust settles, the house will be SPOTLESS, but she will have devised a plan of departure so elaborate that the you or the government couldn’t decode.

3. IT PROVIDES TIME ALONE. Generally, the three times people will leave you alone are when you are angry, cleaning, and on a bathroom run. An added plus to this equation would be good music. There is an powerful combination between Ajax, blasting headphones, and a dirty tub!!

4. IT OFFERS A SCAPEGOAT (if you are not careful). Cleaning and washing may be healthy outlets, but it could also be used as a way not to face reality and deal with an issue. SWEEPING GIVES ME SOMETHING TO DO, SO I CAN AVOID DOING WHAT I NEED TO DO. Behind every mop and bucket may be a tidy person, but a tidy person that needs to get their personal lives in order as well. Drop the mop and handle your business!! ORDER OUTSIDE can never replace ORDER INSIDE. I would choose peace of mind over a pretty mansion any day.  

It’s not in the bible but my Momma said, Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  

I do believe GOD is a GOD of ORDER. When we have ORDER, we have PEACE!!


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