CROSS IT when you GET TO IT!!


Why do we worry so much? Why are we so consumed with our past? Why are we so afraid of our future? We can never enjoy the blessing of our PRESENT situation, because we are too busy crossing bridges in our future before we get to them. How am I going to do it TOMORROW? How am I gonna make it TOMORROW? I simply want to encourage somebody to calm down, relax, and remember these three principles: 

1. BRIDGE CROSSING is reserved for the travelers who are on their way somewhere. They have navigated the general course of life and are preparing to move on and into another plateau of life. 

2. Life’s everyday challenges require our UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. Spending time prematurely and mentally crossing physical bridges that are NOT in one’s immediate vicinity is a waste of valuable time and energy. Actually, there is no guarantee that you will even make it to the BRIDGE. Many people with dreams of crossing bridges have come short because they were preoccupied with the bridge and ignored THE JOURNEY.  

3. NO TIME should be exhausted looking back over BRIDGES that have already been crossed. No matter how memorable or horrible the past trek, refuse to stay stuck there. If there is any looking back, it should only be to celebrate “how we got over.” It should be an encouragement to trust and know that the same GOD that did it before can do it again. 

You cannot CROSS IT until you GET TO IT!!

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