Killer Thunderstorms!!


One night, I was lying in my bed having a dream in what seemed to be a deep sleep. Somehow within this dream something startled me. It was a thunderstorm. It was so loud that it scared the crap out of. I was so startled by the bright flash and ear deafening sound of the lightning and thunder, that I scrambled for the pillow and covers. I was attempting to brace myself before the next big bang. 

 As I tightened up for what was next, I noticed that it became perfectly quietly. As a matter of fact, it was so quiet that I could hear absolutely nothing. Along with not being able to hear anything, I could not see. It was perfectly quiet and dark. I laid there for several minutes still and quiet waiting for the next boom but nothing happens. 

I figured I would be able to hear the rain and wind at least, but nothing. I understood not being able to see, because it was in the middle of the night. My face is buried in this pillow. What tipped me off was the silence. I knew something was wrong. I pulled my face out the pillow and sat up, only to find that I truly could not hear a thing. My ears felt like they were plugged to block sound, and to make matters worse, I can’t see.  

Now, I am wide awake and walking around in my dream. I am in what seems to be an big large empty room but in total darkness. I can see, but I can’t see. I can’t hear but somehow I can. I know this because I can see a man and I ask him a question that I am sure I can hear the answer. Just about the time that I open my mouth to ask him, it hits me. Maybe I am dead. My mind is working at one hundred miles per hour now. Maybe the violent thunderstorm that woke me out of my sleep was actually real. I did actually take cover under my pillow for what I thought was a real storm. The reason why I didn’t hear the next crash and boom was because the first one actually hit and killed me. It happened so fast that I didn’t even feel it.  

This explains the silence and the darkness. I am really afraid now, so I begin to walk scrambling towards what I thought would turn into a wall at some point. In darkness, I kept walking cautiously with my hand out in hopes of running into something. I couldn’t see but I felt something so I stopped moving. As I reached out to determine what it was, I immediately noticed that it wasn’t hard but very soft. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a wall, but it felt more like skin. Now I can hear noises and sounds coming from the outside of what seemed to be this wall of flesh.

  As I investigate with my hand, I can feel a separation in this wall of flesh. I press my hand through what seems to be an opening but the skin would not part. As I follow this seam down to the side, hoping to find an opening, I can clearly hear people talking, sirens, and beeping sounds. It’s scary because it’s perfectly quiet on this side of the wall. I finally find the corner of this flap. I push my hand through, and it goes all the way to the other side and out. It dawns on me, that I am reaching through the corner of my eyelid into the outside world. The problem is that my hand is so small, that no one can see it and I cannot lift my eyelid. I am trapped inside my dead body. I am saddened by the fact that I am dead, so I sit down and write a letter, so someone will know what happened, and where I am. 

I am trapped inside the dead me. I finish the letter, but now I have to figure out how to get it to someone on the outside. I’ll just lay it on my heart. I’m not sure how the letter got out, but if you are reading this letter, I need your help. I am trapped inside of me. I am a man who was actually hit by lightning, electrocuted, and died, but lived to tell it, I think?


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  1. Boy!!!! You are good! That was inviting.

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