Lessons Learned From A Cup!!

  LESSONS LEARNED FROM A CUP!! @therealwil.com

This morning, I went to eat breakfast at a local diner. As I sat down at my table, I saw something that attracted my attention. Someone had placed items on my table for me to use. There was a set of silverware, a napkin, a cup and a saucer. For some reason, the cup and saucer screamed for my attention. The cup was faced down on the saucer. I said to myself, NEVER BE A CUP FACED DOWN on the saucer of life.  

A coffee cup face down on a saucer says, 

1. I deny my purpose and existence. 

2. I refuse to receive or to be used. 

3. I reject any opportunity seeking to come my way.  

4. I am empty and have purposely positioned myself this way, possibly permanently. 

5. This is the public sign of REJECTION to anyone passing by with a desire to pour into me.


An empty cup (faced up) says,

1. I willfully exist in this world. I am just as important as any other item on this table. 

2. I am unique in my purpose. I am like no other. I have value. You may eat with a fork, but you cannot drink without me.

3. I will patiently wait for my turn to be used. I will celebrate and not compete with others for my chance.

4.  I am open, willing, and waiting to be filled. I stand at the ready. I don’t have to be moved, manipulated, or managed to be used. I wake and sleep ready. My posture pleads for my desire to be used. 

5. I possess known capabilities and I know my limitations. 

6.  I am a cup. I have two purposes in which I plan to accomplish. One is to be poured into, and the second is to pour out. I recognize that, what is poured into me is not for my consumption, but to be delivered to someone else.

7. A cup that remains full is stagnant

and will ultimately stain. 

8. A good cup is empty often.  

9. I am just as happy in the process of being filled, as I am emptied. My ULTIMATE JOY AND SATISFACTION IS SIMPLY IN BEING USED. 

10. As a cup, I am naturally a receiver. I must remain consciously aware and selective in what is poured into me and by whom.

11. Being a cup is cool, especially when you know GOD made YOU this way.


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