Stop Carrying Keys With No Locks!!

I just happen to pick up my keys on the way out the door. As I looked at the key ring, I asked myself, “What in the world do all of these keys go to?” Each and everyday, I am walking around with a weighted keyring, filled with keys that I have no clue what they go to. Even though my car currently has no ignition to place a key, I remember that a weighted key rings can cause damage to the ignition housing. Too many keys on a key ring, can cause damage. They can be bulky and bothersome to carry. They take up a lot of space. 

Keys are for access into things and places. They are also used with locks to secure other things. I counted the keys on my key ring and there are twenty-five. Some of us carry enough keys to QUALIFY to be a high school janitor. Why?

We carry keys because it says we are responsible and trustworthy. We all remember how we felt when we received our first door key. Every now and then we give our babies keys that don’t go to nothing. It gives them the sense of responsibility without the risk. 

We carry keys because they represent OWNERSHIP. Rather it was a padlock to my locker, a door key, house key, or car key, it communicates OWNERSHIP. So then , why am I still holding on to house keys, car keys, and office keys, that I no longer have?

We enjoy a false sense of security and ownership, even if none of the the keys work. 

Why are we carrying keys to locks that people have replaced? My old house keys represent what was. Maybe it is the memory of what was that I hold on to? 

If the KEY RING REPRESENTS MY LIFE, Shouldn’t I remove keys from my past that no longer work?

Not only is the lock that the keys open no longer there, but what is behind the locked entrance had disappeared too. What is crazy is, I am hauling around a heavy set of 25 keys, that the majority I don’t REMEMBER what they go to. 

What is crazy to the second power is, to know that 10 of the keys don’t work anywhere, and still I haul them around. 

Of course, this post is not totally about excess keys, but it. Is also about you and what weighs you down. I have a few recommendations to help lighten our loads. 

1. Take the time periodically to inventory your key ring. Look for excess keys that you no longer use or need. Keys accumulate over time.

2. Let go of your past. DISCARD THE OLD KEYS. In doing so, you make room for GREATER.

3. It takes me longer to find the RIGHT KEY, when I have so many useless keys.

I need to clear my key ring!!

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  1. Wow! Definitely hit the nail on the head

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