HOUSE QUAKE? NO, BED QUAKE!! He hasn’t called my named from the other room in pain in months. Like a parent, I wake up out of a dead sleep and go straight to the voice and attempt to fix what is wrong. Instead of going back to my bed and worry from down the hall, I decide to do what I DESIRE GOD TO DO FOR ME EVERY NOW AND THEN. GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO ME, THAT HE CHASES WHATEVER IS WRONG WITH ME AWAY. I GET IN HIS BED.

 In times past, He would wake me up standing by my bed with a request of some sort. Most times, it was a desire not to be by himself because his body was going through changes and that can be quite scary. Without hesitation, I scoot over and give him the drill in my hardest voice. Put the pillow between us, stay on your side, and don’t hog the cover. Now with the furnace kicking, a jacket and blanket, He has the chills and is shaking the entire bed like we put quarters in it to do it. It’s 2am and we shaking. At least He is not alone. It’s 2:45 and it dawns on me, the bed has stopped shaking and he has fallen asleep. I am glad that I can be of some assistance. Children don’t need you always. It’s good to be there the few times they do. Keep praying!!


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  1. It’s nothing like the comfort of a parent when you’re not feeling your best, it soothes you just to sleep in their bed and knowing she/he aren’t far away that’s some of the best sleep mentally making it all better. My mother knows this all to we’ll. 🙂

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  2. You are beyond amazing my friend! God truly has bountiful blessings in store for you! Keep on keeping on! Jeremiah 29:11

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