It’s Your Time To Go On!!


 I woke up this morning very early. It was about 3am. I got up and did the fifty year old man’s house tour. A trip to the bathroom to potty, the kitchen for cold water, and the medicine cabinet for late meds and a hunt for snacks. As I laid back down, I turned my phone on and watched three performances, the Dru Hill performance, Erica Badu, and Louis Armstong performance, “What a Wonderful World.” I don’t know why or how these three even made it in my rotation. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Before you become adventurous and try it, Satch Mo, Badu, and Cisco at 3am, plus men meds and snacks, don’t mix.   I don’t know how GOD does it, but HE can speak in the oddest of situations. As they all performed, It occurred to me that in life, you are either, on stage, back stage, or in the audience. It’s important that you know where you are at any given point in your life.

Firstly, there is ON STAGE. 

On stage suggest show time, light on, and being in the now. There is no wondering, guessing, or practicing. This is it, do or die, crash or burn, perform or perish, stick your success or seal your future. Three, two, one, curtains up, Go!! You are the center of attention, you have the mic, all eyes and ears are on you. You must rise to the occasion and handle your business. No moves can be thought out now. Anything that goes wrong, you wing it or ad lib it. Anything clothing or equipment malfunctions at this point, automatically become a planned part of the show. No time for excuses. Nobody cares if you are not prepared, rehearsed, or even had a sound check. Get your behind out there and do it!! You got three minutes to give the world all you’ve got. This is your chance to prove to yourself and everyone else that you not only belong here, but you ain’t going no where either. If you are on stage now, I recommend you dump every ounce of you into this performance. You have one shot so use it!!

Secondly, there is the AUDIENCE. The audience is where we support,celebrate, and plan our next move. The AUDIENCE can be tough for some because they have tasted the addictive flavor of the stage, the lime light, and the applause. 

Even though it is enjoyable to watch others take the stage, it is with secret pains behind happy smiles. Many are wishing that it were them up there. If you are in the AUDIENCE, you should be planning your comeback. The goal is truly the stage. No one gets complacent just being a part of the audience, neither should you. There are important lessons to be learned in the audience, like patience, support, and even networking. Learn the lessons while you are here. I must warn you the seating in the audience is a bit crowded and in close proximity of others. You never know who you might be sitting next to. Jealousy could be sitting two seats over. Envy could be sitting behind you, with critical thinking and fault finding on the left and right of you. You could actually be on Hater’s row and not know it. Your season in the audience is based upon your ability to adapt, create, re-invent, and overcome. If you play your cards right, a seat in the audience today, could be a spot on the bill tomorrow. BE READY!!

Thirdly, there is what I call BACKSTAGE. 

Backstage can look and feel like a freaking mess!! Boxes are everywhere, ropes and equipment scattered, props and people shuffling. The crazy part is all of it is done in almost utter darkness. Before you run off the stage, let me assure you that there is a method to the madness. You are just not privy to it. Be careful not to get turned around in all the commotion. You could easily take a wrong turn, look up and be Bobby Brown’s back up dancer without an exit in sight.  

Backstage, A large dark curtain separates darkness and confusion from lime light and performance. Behind the large black curtain represents obscurity, quiet times, loneliness, and questions. The other side of the curtain is notoriety, success, and fame. What is of utmost importance to remember is, rather you are in front or behind the curtain, you are still on stage. Don’t despise the dark days behind the curtain. Prepare!! You could be minutes from showtime and don’t even know it. Here is another bit of information, be mindful of who you are and where you are. The “X” that you feel has marked your life for disaster and doom, can actually be the place that marks center stage when the lights come on and the curtain goes up. It just depends on when the STAGE MANAGER decides to LIFT the curtain on your life.

Your performance of a lifetime, should be “Your life.”

The theatrical way of wishing a performer good luck is by saying, “Break a leg.” I say, “Break two, it’s why God gave you a pair!!”


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  1. Yet another great word from an awesome man.

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  2. Great stuff as usual, Richard.

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  3. This is a very good blog entry and it was so well written! You have a unique style of writing metaphorically always keeping the reader wanting more!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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