It’s The Voice!! You Hear It?

What is that I hear in my ear? It’s the VOICE!!! 
It can’t be hummed to silence or numbed with alcohol. It goes with you every where!! It can’t be surgically removed. You can’t travel to an area where the signal is too weak. DARKNESS brightens it and quiet places amplifies its sound. Secluded places give it more room speak. A Q-tip can’t reach it. Nothing can kill it, loud music can’t muffle it, sleep does not make it drowsy, It’s the VOICE!! It was here from the beginning of your life. It was dwelling within even as an infant talking to you even though you were unable to talk back. It’s the voice of reason, intellect, wisdom, and righteousness. 

Distinguishing the VOICE!! It’s must be GOD’s because Satan would never tell to do WHAT IS RIGHT!! 

Don’t say that, don’t do that, don’t go there are not voices of the enemy.

When you lay down to die and your body has declined to where you can’t hear your loved ones standing around your bedside bidding you farewell. As you exhale your last breath, It’s then that the VOICE whispers in your ear and says, “You never listened.”


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  1. Thought provoking. Most would agree that the Devil won’t tell you to do something right. But it’s knowing His voice, the Voice.

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