Eviction is the removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord.
Dreaded, hopes dreaded, hope unseen, no way out, deja vu’s of the same crap, repeat performances of past failure. 

I hate it. 

The old brotha shows up with what looks like luggage. Figure that, a brotha with luggage. I just put yo behind out. You don’t want nothin’! Gotta let you go. 

The urgency of life and what it requires, demands too much and you are never up to the task. I’m tired of carrying YOU! 

You are dead weight. You’re like old dismissed friends. No thoughts, no ideas, no new input, no fresh thought, no what even looks like a plan. Other than the plan you have to ride on my back and I ain’t having that no more. I been hauling you around so long that I never really knew or had the chance to know what a light life felt like.  

Your weight became seamlessly tied to my weight. I knew it! All this time, something told me that this was too heavy, too difficult, too convoluted. Life cannot be this difficult, this confusing and frustrating.  

Everybody else’s stuff looks like its flowing and every morning I got to battle before I even get out the door? I don’t even have a fair chance to war with the enemy cause I’m exhausted messin’ with you. By the time I make it out the door, I’m exhausted and even defeated. I can’t even have a sane thought without you interjecting fear or foolishness into it. 

Pick up your bags and dismiss yourself. I’m not sure how you did it but I refuse to waste another minute trying to figure it out. Lose my number? No, lose me and every memory of me!! 

We will leave a photo of you at every entrance with security, to ensure your never returning, even though it looks just like me. Why would I assume or hope that someone else would evict you? Who can put me out of me but me? 

Consider yourself FOREVER EVICTED!!

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