Hoarding, You About That Life?

Hoarding, You About That Life? @therealwil.com

Hoarders are afraid to make a mistake and throw things away. To get rid of something or someone that you will need later is a hoarder’s greatest fear. The hoarder’s answer is keep everything and everybody. I thought about Sanford and son, the old school sitcom. Mr. Sanford was in the junk business. Junkers and hoarders find VALUE IN EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, so they keep it all. 
You wonder why they can step through and over piles and piles of stuff and it not bother them at all? They can actually be walking on top of stuff that they claim as valuable. THEY ARE AFRAID TO MAKE A MISTAKE AND THROW AWAY SOMETHING THAT THEY WILL NEED, so they hold on to it. 

Is it why we have junk drawers, extra bedrooms, basements, and garages that become storage places? Let us not forget the HOARDERS that will pack every spot they own with stuff stored, but they will also STORE things at your house!! They will clutter your space with their stuff because they have a fear of making a mistake and getting rid of the wrong thing and the wrong people. 

They must keep it just in case. What are you saving this for momma? I don’t know, but I can use it for something later on. 

 We hold on to people and things without even having plans for them. It’s selfish because we don’t care about their dreams and desires. We only care about how they can fulfill some purpose in our lives. I am sure their is a nut in a junk drawer somewhere wishing that they could be used to keep some child’s wheel on. The nut will never get the chance because they are locked up in your junk drawer. They are nuts to let you hold them hostage but I guess love will make you do that. 

One of the fastest growing markets is off-site STORAGE FACILITIES. We actually think we are getting rid of stuff but we are really “OFF SITE STORAGE HOARDERS.” 

Nowadays, they will even deliver a huge empty box and set it on your yard. They will wait for you to fill it up and then haul it to an off site location. Getting rid of junk and shuffling junk is two different things.  

This should be disturbing to read this because most of us are habitual or potential hoarders. Your phone is filled with names and numbers you don’t use. Your key ring is filled with old keys that you have no clue what lock or door they go to. You have a Rolodex filled with names of people you don’t know or remember.  

Since I’m at it, I guess I’ll add the travel hoarder. Why do we travel with six bags filled to capacity on a three day trip! Don’t answer!! I will do it for you. Just in case we go out, go swimming, or go wherever, I am prepared. Anything could happen so I pack prepared.  

I haven’t forgotten about you Ms. purse hoarder. Your purse is packed so tight, it could blow any second. You could actually win on the “Let make a deal show,” on any given day. Why? I am afraid to make a mistake and not have something. 

My thoughts:

1. You can’t keep everything and everybody. Let them go. 

2. If you make a mistake and throw away the wrong thing, you can buy or obtain another. You won’t die. 

3. Don’t let people store stuff in your garage and life. 

4. Let people go that you don’t have present day use for. Don’t use and hold people hostage. 

5. Less is more!! Clearing out clutter is the prerequisite for getting more and better. 

You can do this!! 

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