I Hate Dirty Glasses!!

 I hate dirty eye glasses in particular!! I hate wearing dirty eye glasses. I hate seeing people with dirty smudged eye glasses. You ever wanted to just take somebody else’s glasses off and clean them without their permission?

  It irritates me just thinking about and envisioning someone wearing filthy lenses. You ever seen someone’s glasses and wondered how did they wear those all day long?

Sometimes our glasses have been dirty so long that we become accustomed to it.  

Dirty glasses prevent you from seeing clearly. The eye is forced to focus through crud to see beyond it. It makes the eye itch and you are forced to scratch. Now, you rub your eye until it turns red in attempt to remove what seems to be in or on the eye. It’s on your glasses. Maybe it’s some dirt, a tear, some lint, or even your own fingerprint. A permanent scratch on a lens is even worse.

 Bad seeing develops bad thinking and responding. 

Some of us have dirty lenses without glasses. You could have a clean, optimistic, joyful heart but it can be altered by dirty lenses. Dirty lenses can be corrupt lyrics to a song, gossip, rumors, and even the wrong people in your view. 

Get you some glass cleaner and wash away the dirt so you can see!! Oh what a great feeling it is to put on clean glasses. The world looks brand new. Your eyes are focused and comfortable. You can adsorb all of the wonderful things that God has created for you to see and enjoy!! 

You wonder why some people are so angry and bitter? Take a look at their glasses!! 

If your eyes have itched and you have blinked or scratched while reading this, just think about the person who has no glasses but eyes are distorted with the dirt if this world. 

Free somebody today. GOD is available. 

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