Why Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane, Really?

(Please take a moment as compare the view of the person in the plane and the person outside the plane.)

The response I received after skydiving 15,000 feet from a plane. Congratulations, great job, amazing feat, was not what the cheer heard from a few. Many people did cheer, somehow the words that sting are the ones that always get the most attention. Allow me tend to my pain. 

You say, “WHY,” I say, “Why not?”

1. YOU rob yourself of an experience that takes you beyond your comfort zone. You experience something new. New places bring about new thinking, and more importantly new perspectives. 

2. Why jump out of a perfectly good plane? Who said this was a PERFECTLY GOOD AIRPLANE?? What makes it PERFECT? WHAT MAKES IT GOOD? Statistics question both of these observations that you hold as TRUTHS. We fly on planes because it’s the quickest route to our destination. 

Safe? Is it really safe to travel at 30 to 50,000 feet in the air at 575 miles per hour? Actually, you are flying with no parachute. You have a flotation device available but that can only be employed after you hit the water. Assuming that don’t hit the ground, the instructions are to inflate the device after exiting the demolished plane hoping that the sharks and cold water don’t kill you.

You really have a problem with me jumping out of a “perfectly good plane?” I have a problem with your comfort is staying in one. 

3. Every now and then, you need to move outside your COMFORT ZONE!! We are creatures of control and we only trust that which we can manage. It’s funny how jumping out of a plane is so outside of your zone until you are forced to. At some point you have to trust is someone or something other than yourself. At some point you have to exercise some FAITH in GOD to take you where you have never been, to do what you’ve never done, and accomplish what you have never achieved. Someone said, Once a mind is stretched, it can never return back to what it was.  

4. Let me warn you, jumping out of planes is not for everybody. New ideas, new concepts, and trying new things aren’t either. Some people only want more of the same regardless of the decline, boredom, or stagnation. You better find, fellowship with, and run with some JUMPERS!! Peter had to walk on the water by himself. If I was on the boat and saw him take two steps, I would have said, “Hold up Pete, I’m rolling with you!” The sad part is the majority just watched to happen. They were just waiting for something to go wrong. Sadly enough, they were relieved when something did. They were relieved that Peter didn’t succeed. People are relieved when you don’t make it and that’s sad.  

You and I are too damn old for peer pressure and Monkey see monkey do!! If the truth were told, some spectators on boats and planes really wish they had the courage that you had to do it. 

By the way, one step of water walking and skydiving is better than window

watching any day. Plus the view is the bomb diggity!!

Show me what you working with!! I repeat, some people go to church

to pray and ask God for a wonderful life to live. Others go to church and thank Him for it!!

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  1. Sonja Bennett-Hall April 26, 2017 — 1:45 pm

    Excellent read!! Jump on wit’cho bad self! With every jump leads to possibilities of new experiences. And besides, naysayers and spectators wish they were you. And you’re absolutely right, jumping out of a plane ain’t for everyone; definitely not for me. #❤️It

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