Labels at Calvary!!!


They called JESUS demonic, a heretic, riotous, a rebel, and so many more names. What people can not kill and control they seek to limit by LABELS. When you look at this pic what do you see? 

You see UNITY, I see CONTROL!!

YOU see show of FORCE, I see FEAR!!

You are afraid to move by yourself, I see LIBERATION to MOVE on without you. 

YOU see FUTURE, I see the BACK OF YOUR HEAD which FORCES ME to trust in where YOU are leading. This ROBS ME of my ability to SEE FOR MYSELF. YOU are not responsible or accountable for my future, I AM. 

You think I’m VENTING, I’m trying to HELP!!

The sad part is…… What you don’t understand you label to control!! Never asking why or seeking to clarify. You do that which is easiest, DISMISS ME!! The only problem is you visit me by night when no one else is looking. You ask to learn in private. Shame on you. 

It’s not that I am not TEAM PLAYER. 

I believe in Unity.

I live by Espirit de Corp!! 

I believe WE CAN WIN!!

BUT……One thing for sure… I refuse to get to END of my life and the VOICE whisper in my ear and say, “YOU NEVER LISTENED TO ME!!”

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