Dead End You!!

Dead End You!!

At 4:14am, The question arose in my mind.  You ever come to the end of yourself? Three steps past exhaustion? Three times more chances past your limit? Way past the line of “this is too much?” A half a block beyond, “I can’t go any further?” The road just ran out. You are at dead end. You are at the end of you. You have ran out of room and options. You are boxed in. Your hands are tied.  You have weaved yourself in a web and tied a knot so tight that you can no longer move. For many of us that’s a great place to be. You have finally reached your designed  destination. I know it looks wrong but it’s right. It’s the place where you end and God can begin. 
Please, Hurry up and get to the end of you. Your Deliverance and Your God is Waiting!!

Ps 37:23


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  1. Good morning Pastor. Words to live by. Thank you.

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  2. That picture though…..when you come to the end of you, God can do what He wants to do…submitting to God’s authority, that’s the challenge! Thank you for the reminder that it’s ok to get to the end.

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