You Still Squinting?

You Still Squinting? Therealwil.comYou ever wonder why some people see good and some only see the bad? Some see the sun and others only clouds? Everything that’s going right verses everything that’s going wrong? It’s the glasses!! The lenses in which they peer through.

When you don’t evolve, grow, or develop as an individual, it’s stunts your vision of the world and people around you. The person stuck In one place can only see what is in close proximity. When everything around them continues to change and advance, their only resolve seems to be hatred and envy. For some people, to continue living means they have to shrink, shape, and sugar coat the pill of reality with lies to make it palatable. That’s why they project and point the finger elsewhere. Who would willfully beat themselves up, when it’s less pain to blame someone else.  

It’s the glasses!! Near sighted lens lookers can only see what is up close but distances are a blur. Far sighted folks have to push back everything because they can’t see things obvious and up close. 

My daughter went through a spell whereby every six months she needed new glasses. Not only were we frustrated but only broke. I asked the doctor what is going on. I thought they were honestly just trying to force us to spend money. “Children at times go through a growth spurt whereby the body changes and so does their vision,” so says the doctor.

I repeat, as the body changes so does the eye sight. 

AS YOU CHANGE, GROW,STRETCH, AND DEVELOP, so does your vision. External assistance is needed in the form of glasses!! 

God please assist us in our ability to see!! I have a feeling I’m gonna be needing some new glasses real soon!! How about you? 

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