A.Pay That Bill!!

Pay That Bill!! Therealwil.com

Pay that bill!! Life on the next level requires and demands that you pay that bill!! You cannot pass go or move forward until the bill has been paid. Maybe you have gotten others to pay for you, vouch for you or serve for you, but the next level will require you to pay that bill. No more freebies, coupons or discounts. The next level demands and requires that you pay that bill. If you want it, it’s going to cost you. 

Anything worth having is worth paying for. The satisfaction in knowing that you paid for it versus it being given to you, dictates your level of appreciation. Go ahead and cry, throw a tantrum, demand a discount, and even protest, but when you get done this bill must be paid. If by chance you have slicked your way this far through the system, maybe you have undermined the system, and have found an easy way around it, this bill will be difficult for you to pay. Some people don’t know the straight up way. 

I heard a song with the lyrics, there is a blessing with your name on it. I thought I would send you a note to remind you that there is a bill with your name on it. Pay that bill!!

If by chance you are feeling stagnant and immobile, it may very well be that there is a bill that needs to be paid. 

The payment for this bill is not your money, but your blood, sweat, tears, hard work, dedication, and midnight oil!! If the truth be told, success waits on the shelf for everybody, but cannot be picked up because the bill has not been paid!!

Go ahead and pay that bill!!

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