Thinking Out Loud!!


Every now and then, I don’t want to go through this by myself. I have a real desire to reach and grab hold to something or someone keep me from sinking. Everything seems like a floatation device when you feel like you are sinking.  I don’t because it’s selfish. This is no one’s journey but mine. It happens when you no longer know your destination. I am confident that it is greater than anything that I can imagine, but what it looks like or more importantly what will I look and think like, I have no clue. It feels like being in the middle of a dark raging ocean with no oars and no compass. It is then that I remember that something is keeping me afloat and the waves are moving me somewhere. I cry when I feel totally out of control because I recognize that FOR ONCE I HAVE TOTALLY ALLOWED GOD TO HAVE HIS WAY. 


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  1. I was here a couple of weeks ago. It reminds me of Footprints and it was when we felt helpless that God carried us through to the next place. God will always send help. Richard – You are allowed to be human – remember that. God’s got you…He is a VERY present help!

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