Master of the Mind Maze!!

Master of the Mind Maze!!!

I use to be afraid to visit the dark inner thoughts of my mind. I would avoid it at all cost. When things would get quiet around me, I would make noise on purpose. I would turn the radio up or turn the television on. I would start random conversations or cause some distraction. 

Some adults are still actually afraid of the dark, but it’s not because of the bogey man. Their thoughts are far more damaging and hazardous than a bogey man anyway. If the bogey man walked around in my dark thoughts and bumped into some of my mental monsters, he would run. 

What I find comforting is to know that God is also the creator of darkness. God sees in the dark. Reverse polarity is His specialty. Night vision was created by God not the military. HE is the designer of the mirror maze. What is confusing to you is never confusing to Him. 

Every year at the county fair I always remember seeing an attraction that I call the Mirror maze. People would pay money to go in it and find their way out. I never tried it. I saw nothing fun about getting lost, confused, and disoriented. I also didn’t have the money to repair the damaged I would have incurred kicking my way out. Why destroy an entire carnival attraction because I lost my way? What’s worse is to go through a mirror maze and then turn the lights off. This is how the back of our minds can feel at times. 

What I did notice was that when people couldn’t find their way out of the carnival maze, the operator of the attraction would go straight through it and rescue the panicking person. 

Mazes in the dark sounds like a nice title!! 

Here is a real assurance!!


He is everywhere at the same time and HE is the master and maker of every mirror mind maze!!! 

When people got struck in the mirror maze, they screamed for help

And help showed up.  



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  1. Ok, I’m not going to comment on everything but this one is really good also! Sometimes even the dark talks because God can be trusted in the dark. Keep writing on through it…..

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