Getting Your Sea Legs! 

Getting Your Sea Legs!!
You ever been dizzy? When we were children, we use to spin ourselves and each other around on purpose. We would try to stand or walk while dizzy. It was an impossible task. No one could ever pin the tail on the donkey or hit the piñata with their world spinning. I tried a short dinner cruise around Chicago one day. It was a horrible experience for me. It wasn’t until later that I figured out why I was sick and disoriented the whole time. I was jacked up while others were having the time of their life.  

I overheard a sailor talking about the time it took for him to get his “sea legs.” I didn’t know what it meant so I investigated to find out what “sea legs” were. “Getting your sea legs” means to be able to walk around on a ship at sea and keep your balance, no matter what the deck under your feet may be doing. To keep your balance and effectively function regardless of what is going on UNDER YOUR FEET. Evidently this is not automatically mastered. With wind and waves constantly shifting, this can be very difficult. Some people never master it. 

Just like the sea, life can be just as shifty and unpredictable. Waves are forever changing like people, situations, and circumstances around us. We must be able to keep our balance in spite of what is going on under us, in us, or around us. What once could be counted on as a mainstay and foundational yesterday, may not be found in the same place still and unmoved tomorrow. 

Everyday is a trip to sea and back. If you are to survive life at sea or in life, qit is imperative that you get your sea legs.  

There are a few tips I would like to offer in getting your sea legs. 

1. You must accept the fact that rough winds and waves are apart of sea life. You cannot make the waves cease. If you are waiting for smooth waters to sail, you will be waiting a life time. If your name is not Jesus, there will be no stilling of the water at your command or on your behalf. You must relinquish your futile desire to make it smooth and flat. 

2. Adjust to the NEW NORMAL

To get your sea legs, Your brain has to adjust to the rolling and pitching of the boat or ship. You must learn to compensate for it, and ultimately experience the motion as NORMAL. Life as still and usual is no more. If you want more of the same old predictable past, stay on the steady still shore. 

3. God is our ROCK. He brings about stability. God and his truths provide a solid and firm foundation within one’s mind and heart. God is peace and provides peace within a raging storm. If you haven’t figured it out yet, peace internally should be preferred over peace externally. Only God can can calm every sea. He gives us the ability to compensate for the storm and not fight the storm. What is in you helps to manage what’s going on under and around you. 

4.  Keep your eyes on the Horizon 

When a ship is riding into heavy winds and waves, everything is moving. The only thing that is STATIONARY is the horizon. Looking at the horizon will help reset your internal equilibrium. “Keep your eyes on Jesus,”Mrs. Toney said. 

Before you get too comfy. I want to warn you that even if at sea and in life you finally get our “sea legs when your boat docks on solid ground, now you must get your “land legs.” Imagine that. 

I recommend Jesus, the captain of the sea. 

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