Smashing The Bat Signal!!

Smashing The Bat Signal!!

What do you do in an emergency? Who do you call on? Where do you go for help? As a damsel in distress, who come to your rescue? When you feel like you are losing it and can’t go any further, who do you summons? 

In a place called Gotham City, whenever the people would become overwhelmed and devastated by uncontrolled crime and mayhem, they would signal their Super hero and Crime fighter, Batman. 

In older episodes, I remember a glass covered red phone in the commissioner’s office. It was a direct line to the Caped Crusader and was only used for extreme emergencies. It was a help line in time a real crisis.

The second way I remember they would signal Batman was a huge flood light. It would cast a bright image across the Gotham City sky in the image of a Bat. This help signal could be seen far away by Batman. Upon seeing the signal, he would respond quickly to the crisis. Batman with black cape would swoop down and destroy the enemy and return Gotham City back to a place of peace. What a Super hero!!

The other day I went to visit my counselor at the VA. He was a kind, gentle, soft spoken man. He welcomed me in with pen and pad, and attentively listened to me share all of the craziness going on in my life. I noticed that with legs crossed, he yarned and indiscreetly glanced his watch. I was just getting warmed up before he began to wrap up the session and schedule our next meeting. I gave him a handshake, a hug, and I was out the office. 

As I approached the curb leading to the parking lot, it dawned on me that I had not been helped, cured, or delivered. It was then that I said to myself, “If Richard Wilford is going to be saved and rescued, I am going to have to SAVE MYSELF!!”

This is the day that I unplugged the Bat Phone and broke the bulb in the Bat Light!

Before Batman fans begin to hate me, let me clear this up. I didn’t actually destroy the Bat phone and light. I just stopped using them.


I am specifically speaking about the misconception and false belief that someone will always come to YOUR RESCUE AND AID. Sometimes you have to set yourself free. 

Too many times, people sit in sad situations, drown in depressing circumstances, and continually cry in crazy crisis, looking for a BATMAN or a Wonder Woman to come and rescue them.

Why do we send the signal and wait? 

1. We believe some people by relationship and connection are BOUND to rescue us. WRONG

2. We believe our helping others in the past, demands that others must act in kind. WRONG

It’s not gonna happen!!


The moment you come to the conclusion that people are NOT RESPONSIBLE for your deliverance and survival, you will begin to grasp my idea of DELIVERING YOURSELF!! 

Remember this:

1. People GENERALLY don’t care!! 

2. People have their own problems!!

3. Every man for himself is not just a rule for eating at the buffet. It’s also a way of life for most people. 

One day life will T-bone you in the intersection of LIFE. You will be bent, flattened, crumbled, and shattered. You will not hear sirens and no one will come to your rescue. No Batman, no Wonder Woman, no police, no ambulance, and no concerned citizens will show up. 

Don’t panic, just begin to pick up the pieces and walk home. Take you a nice shower, go to bed, and get you some rest. 

The time and energy you exert screaming for help can more effectively be used to set yourself free. 

What you will come to learn is that the SUPERHERO that God created actually dwells within you. 

Oh, you knew that right? 

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