How Common is Common Sense?

How Common is Common Sense?

What is common sense? I’ll give you a minute. Is it assumed knowledge? 

Where does is come from? Who gives it? Is it administered in a shot or pill? What age does it kick in? When should I yexpect it to be delivered to me? Is this a parental responsibility? Should one stubble upon it at some point in life? 

I’m asking because It is evident that everyone doesn’t have it. Can it be taught? Is it gender specific? Are we born with it? 

My momma said, “Son, God gives you common sense.” Ah!! It’s comes from God? See, common sense should have told me that. Wait, common sense is not something to achieve but it’s something that informs me? 

 I went to the bible. I didn’t find it. I looked in the dictionary. The dictionary says, 

Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things that are shared by nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without need for debate.

So common sense is not something you get but an ability we are born with?

The scarecrow asked for a brain. The Tin man asked for a heart. The Lion asked for courage. Dorthy wanted to go home to Kansas. No one had enough common sense to ask for common sense? The wizard in essence said, “Common sense should have told you, you had it all the time!!” Common sense should have told you to click your heels three times and you could have been home already? 

How common is common sense? 

Momma said, “Son, any fool should know this!!” O boy, I am afraid to research what fools should know!!

Is a fool without knowledge or the ability to a obtain and maintain? 

I have a headache. I know what you are saying. Common sense and any fool should have told me that, right? 

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