This is the PLAY!! (That the Lord has made)

This is The Play!! @therealwil.comWhat happens when you wake up and you don’t have a real desire to get up? When you don’t feel like facing what is before you? When you feel like your tank is on empty and no way to fill it up?
 It’s not that the bed feels so great, it just provides a moment of pause from whatever awaits you in the day. I thought of at least one reason why I should get out this bed. I thought I might share it. 

Encouragers are held to a higher standard. The enemy visits those who sprinkle encouragement on others. He shows up at your door with a Cease and Desist order. Sometimes he applies just enough pressure to let you know just how bad things could get if this encouragement stuff continues.  

Evidently I got served and didn’t know it. I sense a spiritual restraining order has been placed on me. I feel the heaviness. I have two choices. Either I can cooperate with the authorities, stay in bed and shut up, or get up and be issued a warrant for my arrest!! Just so you know, I am writing this in real time and I am actually still in the bed. Guess I have to make a decision right?

I’m up!! Here’s what came to my mind. 

In football and in life, Everyday is like a HUDDLE!! Before every play is executed, the team gets together and listens for the play to be called. The quarterback calls the play. 

I have a question? Who is calling the plays in your life?

Surprise, Today’s play is designed specifically for you. In this play, we will seek to trick the enemy by going the other way. Some will take hits for you and some will block for you. TODAY IS THE DAY THAT THE BALL WILL BE THROWN TO YOU!! 

You have a job to do: 

1. Run the pattern designed for you 

2. Avoid and ignore the distractions seeking to impede your progress.

3. Get where you are suppose to be. The quarterback throws the ball to where you are suppose to be, and at the appointed time. DON’T BE LATE!!

4. Catch the ball!! Catch the ball!! Catch the ball!! Catch the ball!!

5. Run until you score!!

GOD has so much more in store for you!! GET IN THE GAME!!


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  1. Getting in the game! Catching the ball at my appointed time, standing in position to execute the play. I’m scoring!! #❤️it!

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