The name for people who cannot make up their mind, indecisive, or appear to be on both sides are called STRADDLERS. Some have a non committal attitude. To straddle is to stand or sit on both sides.It has been stated that the a person straddling the fence is on both sides at the same time. The church and its standards seems to be on one side and the world and its ways, on the other. The people in this world are forced to choose one or the other. 

There use to be a distinct difference between what is on one side and those on the other. Some have sought to erect and even higher fence while others have looked for ways to bring the fence down altogether, or find holes in the fence. 

There is a special group that seems to ok with being both hot and cold, on and off, with and against, yes and no. In addition there are the non committal, indecisive, neutral people. These are the “Straddlers of the Fence!!”

It’s hard to tell who they are because they can scale the wall quite quickly. One minute they are on the opposite side looking at you, and the next, they are standing beside you. 


There is only one way to stop the straddling!! Maybe we should boycott the straddlers? On second thought, That wouldn’t work because some of the protesters would actually be closet straddlers!!

There is one sure fire way stop the straddling and that is for God to ELECTRIFY THE FENCE!! You heard me, LIGHT IT UP!!

Sorta like a bug zapper!! Every time you went near the fence, ZAP!!

When a fence is electrified, there is no chance of climbing or sitting on top with a foot on each side. 

Call me morbid but it would be funny if God electrified the fence with low voltage to start. Ouch, ouch, ouch, would be heard throughout the night. 

Somebody would get burned up, but we would relieve ourselves of the wishy washy. 

Barbecued, roasted brother and smoked singed sister would be on the menu every night. 

I am not God and I am glad. He has his own ways and methods of managing this world. Let me stop coming up with great ideas and try to stay off the fence as best I can. 

I’ll keep some Neosporin handy!!

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