Who is This Third Person?

Who is this Third Person? Therealwil.comI always wondered about people speaking in the third person and what did that mean? If talking in the first person means, I am sitting under the gazebo poolside, then the third person would mean, He is sitting under the gazebo poolside. Well, why is there a third person when only two are present? The answer I came up with is, a story can only be told from two view points. It is either what I experience or what I see someone else experience. That could also be me. Confused? I’m excited.  
One writer suggest that the third person can be omniscient. He knows what the other me is thinking and can give an “a outside looking in view.” It frees me of judgment from the reader but the reader can enjoy my transparency. You want the facts or the transparency and inside details?  

You mean to tell me you can freely write in the third person? Come on with it. One reason why I started blogs was to be able to get out what was on my mind without the judgement of others who assume what you should be writing about. 

Let me try a few lines and see where we end up. 

First person: it always takes me a few days to really calm down, relax, and enjoy being on vacation. That first few days are always about moving at the same pace that everyday life demands. Words like hurry up, running late, deadlines, and traffic all manipulate the pace that I walk and move. Sixty and seventy miles per hours is the pace at work but I am on vacation. It takes me a moment to figure out that I am somewhere else and I can slow this train down and be still.  

Third person!!

It’s been a race the night before just packing. What does he need and what has he forgotten. He doesn’t want to miss the flight so he barely sleeps the night before. The house is straight but the bag is loaded to capacity. “I’m out of here,” he whispers to himself. He is ready and in need of a few days of enjoyment. I can tell he is going to get it in this go around. The old boy has been busy this last six months and been through a lot. It seems like the clock has been running non stop for the first half of the year. 

I’m kind proud of him. He could have quit but somehow something internal drives him to keep it moving. He has two girl and a granddaughter watching how he moves and he has a son in heaven who expects the best. On most days, he is confident and at peace. On other days, he is stressed, confused, and searching. He has found an outlet that is accepted to be normal and not labeled crazy. It’s this third person thing. You mean to tell me he can release out of his head all of his crazy thoughts? No one will say anything? You mean to tell me he doesn’t have to answer the phone call from those seeking to analyze his thoughts? I thought everyone has crazy thoughts? Amazing!!! 

If you wanna know something, ask the third person!! He is way cooler!! He is open, speaks freely, and liberates himself. He is saddened to know that some people walk around right, mean, bitter, and mad because they keep it all bottled up inside. Mr.Third person doesn’t carry that burden. He is not shy or timid, Mr. Third does not bite his tongue. 

Believe it or not there is a Third person in all of us.  Do yourself a favor and set him or her free!!!

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