I am upset and appalled!! This is old but maybe new to some. Some how I woke up with it on my mind. I think I need to discuss it and we need to stop it because it’s the CRAZY STUFF in ONE PLACE unchecked, that will spread to other places like your job, home, or worse, your church!! 

Imagine that, No Praise!! I borrowed an explanation of this from the internet. I placed my commentary throughout the explanation because I actually couldn’t hold my peace until the end. Please take a listen: 

The NFL came up with a rule penalizing players for EXCESSIVE END ZONE CELEBRATION!! 

ME: WHAT? That’s dumb!! When a man makes a TOUCHDOWN, he can’t CELEBRATE?

THEM: Yes but just a little.

THEM: End zone celebrations have been a subject of debate for years in the NFL. It wasn’t until after the 2005 season ended, however, that the league decided to create an official list of celebration DO’S AND DON’TS for players to follow in order not to be penalized. 

ME: Some no scoring, bored, jealous, and envious person took the time to complain, piss and moan to the right people about how hard it to watch someone celebrate a VICTORY?? 

THEM: A flag thrown for EXCESSIVE CELEBRATION will result in a 15-YARD PENALTY.  

Me: πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ What kinda? 

THEM: This includes anything from post-touchdown dances to creating a spectacle after a first down. 

ME: What no dancing? I praise God for waking me up not just the touchdown. So, Pre-touchdown celebrations are ok? Creating a spectacle? Ok, who’s mad? I assume the other team and the other team’s fans right? Oh yes, and you Mr. Stupid rule maker!! Who’s paying you? Does Puffy know about this? 

THEM: When a flag is thrown for an end zone celebration, the penalty yards are tacked onto the ensuing kickoff.

ME: This sounds like some hater stuff!! Who is offended by me winning but a LOSER? Really? YOU DON’T HAVE TO

WATCH!! You are going to set me 15 YARDS the next time I get the ball because I celebrated the last time I scored? 

Somebody evidently didn’t think this through Chuck!! I thought your name was Chuck, sorry!! 


ME: It’s called EXCESSIVE HATING!! What’s wrong Momma didn’t hug you enough? She didn’t like your drawing because you colored outside the lines? Look who needs a pacifier and a hug. You no likey when dey score? MAN UP WUSS!!

THEM: A player is not allowed to use any sort of prop as a part of his celebration. 

ME: How you gonna party without patty favors Chuck?

CHUCK, I mean THEM: This ruling followed celebrations that season that included cell phones, Sharpies and the use of the pylon marker as a golf club. Players are also not allowed to “leave their feet,” which means that any celebration that involves dropping to the ground and crawling or rolling around is not acceptable. 

ME: You can’t leave your feet CHUCK-O? 

THEM: In some celebrations earlier that year, certain players pretended to row boats, while others mimicked giving birth to the ball. Others engaged in the snow angel celebration, which had become a favorite during winter-season games.

Me: And? Ok, cell phones, sharpies, pylon markers, row boats, and giving birth to the ball might be a bit much, but thats only because YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IT TOOK FOR THEM TO GET THERE!!! 

If the punishment has to fit the crime in Law, then the PRAISE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO FIT THE PERSECUTION OVERCOME!!!

ME: Overcoming 100 YARDS of hits, smacks, scratches, knock downs and get back ups deserves CELEBRATION. Overcoming 100 yards of broken bones, strains, muscle tears, and concussions is a bit EXCESSIVE. That’s why the CELEBRATION IS EXCESSIVE SIR!!!!!!!!

I gotta warn you Chuck, THE CELEBRATION WON’T STOP!! 

THEM: Here is a list of specific end zone dances that are considered okay. 

1. The classic spiking of the ball is one of them. So is dunking the ball over the field goal bar and spinning it on the ground. 

2. Minimal dance moves are allowed, and a demonstration specific to the old Green Bay Packers stadium, the “Lambeau leap,” in which a player leaps into the front row of the stands after a touchdown, is also deemed acceptable.

ME: So let me get this right!! Somebody in an upstairs seat, or better yet, someone who hasn’t ran a yard, hiked a ball, ran one lap, took one hit, twisted one ankle or broken one finger, hasn’t been scratched or bitten once, stepped on or walked on, is NOW dictating to the person who has to run through all of this, what is acceptable and reasonable for celebration? 

ME: You all just threw FUEL on a FIRE CRANSTON!!!

You cannot stop or censor a person’s PRAISE!! You must first seek to understand the PURPOSE of their PRAISE!!!  

ME: Well, evidently it worked and was accepted since 2005 in the NFL. I don’t recommend you boys show up down to the good ole church with this here foolishness!! I reckon things won’t go over as smooth Charles!! You see folks in those parts been brought out of DARKNESS boy and they got a case of the “Can’t Help It’s!!” It’s kinda contagious. You can just be sitting there and all of a sudden someone THINKS of Goodness of the Lord, then BOOM the whole thing up in smoke!! 

WARNING!! Out of all I’ve been through, you just might see me stage dive and make a snow angel on the floor, or do the tootsie roll with Mother Jackson on the second pew!! Don’t be alarmed, I’m just praising HIM for 100 YARDS!!! 

Anybody reading this and you know God brought you 100 yards and you still running?

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