I Woke Up to the “They Have No Idea” Me!!

 I Woke up to the “They Have No Idea” Me!! @therealwil.com
Imagine that? I can hear a voice talking in my head without the use of my ears or sound. I can talk without my mouth moving. As a matter of fact, I can actually see things with my eyes closed. It was a bit creepy when I first heard it. I heard KRS-ONE speak about it. 

I’ll prove it to you. You ever been listening to someone talk and while they are talking, you appear to be listening? In reality, you are having another conversation inside your own head and that voice is just as loud.

Check this out!!

The things that I actually hear with my natural ear, say with my natural voice, and see with my natural eye are all LIMITED, CONTROLLED, MANIPULATED, INFLUENCED, and SILENCED!!

The ear that can hear without natural sound can hear on another level.

Sight without eyes can see well beyond the spectrum of color and distance.

The Voice within me doesn’t need my mouth to talk. I can hear it without saying a word. It’s Untouchable!! 

Think about it. When you think, create, and design something original, it was because you accessed that “They have no idea” side of you that dwells inside of you. 

Maybe there is a free,unlimited, mind blowing, goal achieving, record breaking You INSIDE You, that’s waiting for you to TAP INTO?

Hammer was right!! CAN’T TOUCH THIS!! Outside sources can’t touch it!! WOW!!

I can see without my eyes? Hear without sound? Speak without opening my mouth?

I have clearly bumped into the “They have no idea” me this morning!! 

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