Put Your Dukes Up!!

Put Your Dukes Up!!  

Dear Mr. or Ms. Church Cliche’!! I hear you saying, It’s a FIXED FIGHT!! Even if it’s a FIXED FIGHT, there are a few things you must consider, understand, and prepare for, if we are going to successfully make it through. 

1. You must answer the bell. Wake up and climb into the ring of life. You must come to the center of the ring, PUT YOUR DUKES UP!!

2. Protect yourself at all times. “God’s got me,” is the promise but requires the proper posture. The promise requires FAITH but POSTURE demands that you put your dukes up!! 

3. Put your Dukes up and Fight!! The fight may be fixed but so will your face be permanently fixed to the fist of the enemy and ultimately the canvas of life, if you don’t get it together real quick. If you won’t swing back, at least bob and weave!! 

4. Yes, it’s a fixed fight but who told you that you would not take real blows to your face,body, and life? A knock down or a knock out is in your near future if you don’t wake up. Punches hurt and so do head butts. 

5. Hire a Cutman. Every fighter has to have a Cut man. No stool? Well maybe you can stand between rounds like George Foreman, but I promise you, you gonna need a Cut man!! The purpose of a Cutman is to stop bleeding, treat cuts, reduce swelling, and encourage. You will need a Cut man at some point. 

6. Get you a Good Corner. After every brutal round, you will need to return to a corner that consist of a group of people rooting for you. You are going to need some coaching, medical assistance, water, your face washed, some direction and encouragement

7. Be a Cutman for somebody else.  We should all seek to gain valuable reputations as Cut men and women. There are enough low down people in life to pour salt in your wounds. Let us be found treating cuts, reducing swelling, and encouraging others. 

I’m just saying, I know the fight is fixed but at least put your dukes up!!

Good luck!!

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