The Problem With Preferring Big Luther!!

The Problem With Preferring Big Luther!!

“He look so thin in the face,” she said. Have you seen Luther? Oh my God, he looks sick. He must have that thing and ain’t saying nothing. Well what goes on in the dark will come to light. Then they drop the big one, “Well, I prefer Big Luther over Little Luther.”

In his testimony he stated that he gained and lost up to 110 to 120 lbs about eight or nine times. In the end, he fell in love with not Big Luther or Little Luther, but Luther.

There are two things going on here that I would like to discuss lightly. The first is PUBLIC OPINION. What everybody else has to say. What people think and feel and that which they make known to you. Everybody has an opinion, but ALL OPINIONS DON’T NEED TO BE SHARED. A compilation of how you feel, what you feel about the limited information that you gathered from reliable and unreliable sources SHOULD NOT ALWAYS BE SHARED. Momma said, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say nothing at all.” Rather you prefer Big Luther over Little Luther is not as important that YOU BEING OK WITH LUTHER. Here is a strange fact, YOU ARE NOT GOD and everything that you think is not RIGHT or GOSPEL. SHUT UP SOMETIME!! Because

We have the right to speak does not mean we should always do it. Development of though should always proceed moving of mouth.

Again I say, we live being under labels everyday. Race, gender, where you live, where you work, etc. We also label people ourselves. STOP THE LABELS!!

Then there is PRIVATE OPINION. What do you think of yourself. It is hard gathering and developing what you think of yourself and what you want for you, without being manipulated by what others think and expect. I really believe you have to spend ample time alone with you to define what you desire.

Please don’t think I am off my rocker. I just had a strange thought. What if people preferred the bigger you over smaller you? The poorer you over the financially stable you? The unsaved you instead of the spiritually sound you?

People just know understand the power of their words. The tongue can destroy or it can give life. This would be a BETTER WORLD if we would choose to lift up with our words instead of tear down.

While you preferred Big Luther at his worse health wise, maybe he loved Little Luther feeling the best he ever felt.




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