Cool By Any Other Name Is Still Cool!!

Cool By Any Other Name Is Still Cool

Do you know who The Fonz, Vinny Barbarino, Rolo, Kojak, Huggy Bear, J.J. Evans, Youngblood Priest (Superfly), and Richard Roundtree (Shaft) are? Are you kidding me? You just lost Cool points!!

What do all of these names have in common? They all exemplified one word, Cool. The Fonz drove a motorcycle, wore a black leather jacket and said cool stuff. Vinny Barbarino was the ladies man. Rolo from Sanford and Son was a mellow fellow. Kojak, with his signature lollipop would ask you, “Who loves you baby?” Huggy Bear would kill them with the hats and threads. J.J. from Good Times was “Dynomite” with his confidence in spite of his poverty and lack of muscles. Young Blood Priest with his Cadillac and perm was ice cold and Shaft was a “bad mother shut yo mouth.”

My question is, What is Cool to you? Where is your Cool information collected from? Who has shaped your view of what is Cool? It is evident that Cool yesterday is not Cool today. Black Cool, White Cool, Korean and Jewish Cool ain’t that same Cool. It is clear that Old School and New School Cool ain’t the same Cool. Please remember, Cool by any other name is still Cool. Did you notice I said it twice?

I was born in the sixties, and grew up in the seventies and eighties. My definition of Cool was being influenced and shaped as grew up and so was yours. I feel old just talking about it but It’s Cool.

If by chance you feel compelled to research Cool at the local library or you feel the urge to leave home on a pilgrimage to find Cool, I have done all the leg work for you. You can thank me later, It’s Cool.

I want to briefly share with you what Cool isn’t and what Cool really is. Disclaimer: Cool is not limited to just what I say, but it’s also what you might say. Feel free to write your own blog jive turkey.

•Cool is not limited to a race. Cool is not black, Italian, or white. How do

You know this?

•Cool is not confined to a space in time. How do you know this?

•Cool is confidence.

•Cool is style.

•Cool is good looks and sometimes not so good looks.

•Cool is your words, phrases and how you put them together. It’s your tone and flow.

•Cool is the car, truck, or motorcycle you pulled up in.

•Cool was the way you wore your hair or like Kojak, no hair at all.

•Cool was how you treated other people.

•Cool was you smile.

•Not only was Cool how you walked into a place, but cool was how you left place.

•Cool was how you danced.

•Cool was how you treated others and made them feel.

•Cool transcends time.

•Cool is not bound by any era of time.

•Cool is too cool to be confined.

•Cool cannot be locked into a demographic. You will Cool in California, Detroit, Cleveland, Georgia, and South Dakota.

•Cool cannot be sold to the highest bidder.

Question: Well what is Cool today?

Cool by any other name is still Cool!!

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