Three to Three Thousand Square Feet of Peace

Three to Three Thousand Square Feet of Peace

I never will forget the amazing experience of purchasing my first home. The joy of holding the keys to your own home leaves you speechless and tearful. A little piece of the American dream is then realized by you, your family, and friends.

Buying a house is wonderful but the journey in finding one can be arduous. Anyone who has spend any amount of time house hunting will tell you that it can be mentally draining and physically exhausting. In and out of houses in search of the right one is laborious. Flipping on and off switches, up and down stairwells, turning faucets on and off, can be very energy depleting. Words cannot even adequately explain the emotional process and mental abuse of bidding and negotiating for a selling price.

You can tell I have some scars still. It’s apparent because this is not what I wanted to talk about specifically. I really wanted to bring to your attention a term used in the real estate market called square footage.

There was a time that if someone asked you the size of your home, you would reply with how many bedrooms were in the home. By example, “I own a four bedroom ranch.” Now people refer to their home by the square footage of the home. By example, “ My home is four thousand square feet.”

Here is what I wanted to tell you. It does not matter what the square footage of your domicile is. What is greater than its size is what is within that square footage. Rather you reside in a fifty square foot studio or an eleven thousand square foot abode, without PEACE, you are most miserable.

Somehow we all live separately with space between us and I am so happy about that. Without distance and space, we would have destroyed each other by now. Thank God for SPACE. Everybody needs space and peace. Someone made up the complimentary term “personal space” and even so kindly measured it at about twelve inches between us. This imaginary boundary is used to keep us at a safe distance from one another. I’m not sure how it was measured out but some people clearly don’t buy into it. Maybe personal space should be measured by an electrical force field? How shocking this would be for some. That was funny.

Point: Wherever your PERSONAL SPACE is or the square footage that you call home, ensure that PEACE resides on your side of the threshold. You cannot control how crazy and VOID OF PEACE the world is outside of your space, but you should establish, maintain, and defend PEACE within your own square footage.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Establish PEACE. Set up boundaries, draw a chalk line, erect a fence, build a wall or whatever you have to but declare a space somewhere on this earth as your place of PEACE.

2. Maintain and Defend your PEACE. Just because you mark off a space as yours, does not mean that PEACE will dwell there. You must maintain PEACE daily. Anything or anybody that comes in to destroy and or distort your PEACE has to be removed immediately.

3. You must at all cost defend your PEACE. PEACE will not defend itself. You must stand guard daily, at all times and guard your place of PEACE. You must guard it with your life. Once your place of PEACE is breached, you must go to war and win or leave. Since you are paying a mortgage or rent within a certain amount square footage, it seems only right that you enjoy PEACE in that space.

Question: Does PEACE reside within your square footage?

MY Daddy said, “If you don’t have PEACE at home, you don’t have PEACE anywhere!”

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  1. The American dream reminds me of Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby.” Do watch its movie which has Leonardo as lead character.

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