I Can’t Tie My Own Shoe!!

I Can’t Tie My Own Shoe!! @therealwil.com

The caption read, “The life changing shoe that puts itself on!!” I am concerned. Get a load of that. A shoe that ties or tightens itself. Three cheers for technology!! We have gotten more but have less!! How do you get faster but move slower? We can climb higher than ever but live lower morally than ever. I’m like the wet wicked witch in Oz who said, “What a world, What a world!!”

Those who lived prior to inventions can appreciate the value of one that eases the burden of having to do something the hard way. Some really appreciate the oven, microwave, and indoor toilets. They remember life before the new creation.

Do you remember the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, who broke the shoe string on the shoe and why do we need a shoe to do it all by itself?

Here is the problem!!

Some things carry a skill set and if we are not careful, we will make life so easy that we will lose important life skills needed later on in life.

The satisfaction, joy, and sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to finally tie your own shoe is irreplaceable. If you can remember, having someone else tie your shoes beyond a certain age was an embarrassment. Tying my own shoes spoke of independence and maturity.

Even today, I hate seeing a grown man or woman walk around with their laces untied. It says everything about the person. Ladies, here is a free dating tip. If a man approaches your with his laces untied, then you can assume far more things are not together in his life.

If we don’t stop some of this, look where we are headed. To date, We have relieved children of writing manuscript and cursive with texting, writing letters with email, counting with calculators, and now tying their own shoe. We are quickly moving towards a world with grown people who can’t do anything for themselves. I guess next the new and improved Garanimals will be dressing our children. They will walk into a closet and come out fully dressed. Who then will teach them style and individuality?

I heard somebody else say it,


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