Frustrated Fishing?


I just happened to walk down the beach this morning and saw something that caught my attention. I saw a man fishing in the ocean from the shore. This might be normal for some but it caught me by surprise. In the outset I was thinking, what. Is he gonna catch from the beach? Why would he throw a line out on beach water where the tide is coming toward him? It seems like his line and bait would float right back to him. That’s when it hit me. He is not fishing in a pond, a stream, or even a lake. He is fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

Are you fishing and haven’t landed anything yet? Before you throw your pole and gear in the water and walk away empty handed and frustrated, let’s discuss a few ideas:

1. You equipment and your skills may be top notch, but if there is nothing in the water, you will be unproductive.

2. WHERE you fish is just as important as HOW you fish.

3. In the local lake, catfish may be the only thing swimming but in the Pacific Ocean the possibilities are vast.

4. Before you invest in a bigger boat or pole, try a bigger body.

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