How Wings Work!!

How Wings Work!!

Here I am sitting on the beach chilling. The sun is beaming down, the waves are crashing, and the echo of children playing can be heard from far away. I am perched upon a rock where the squirrels periodically poke their heads out to see if I have food, I have none.

This is not my first time here but it seems different. Normally I am just overwhelmed at the idea that I am at the beach and hometown folks are wearing coats still.

My stomach is bothering me and I think it’s because of the stress of being in a new home. Some how I chose this place to sit today and it’s seems as though I was called to this place. I know it because when I think of changing positions, something tells me to sit still. I sit back down and focus. Why am I here? Then it comes to me.

Just over my head flies several birds. As I really pay attention, there are birds everywhere. Some walking on the beach, some over water, and others hunting food. Then it happens.

The big bird flies by. It’s a Pelican. He has a few of his homies bringing up the rear in formation. I feel like I am in a scene of Jurassic Park. The one thing that sticks out to me is the difference in the flapping of thier wings. I ask myself the question, “Why is it that some birds flap their wings in a way that suggest that they would fall out of the sky if they stopped, and yet the big birds glide?” I didn’t know, so I googled it!! You can build sky scraper if you can google it.

If I had to formulate the question into some intelligent format, I would ask, “How do wings work?” This is what I found out. Dear sir, why would I want or even need to know how wings work? I have good news for you. I was excited when I found out. I won’t waste your time with the entire article and research but I will give you the good stuff in one or two sentences.

I learned that both gliding and flapping wings work by deflecting air downwards.

When air is forced downwards, the reaction force is upwards, and this lift force supports the bird’s weight.

Let me give it to you in regular Richard terms. Dude, birds learn how to use the wind to their advantage. When the wind comes toward them, they use their WINGS to FORCE THE AIR DOWNWARD which in turn LIFTS THEM UP HIGHER!! Whoa!!

When the winds of life, struggle, heartache, disappointment, and discouragement BLOW your way, don’t succumb to it, FORCE IT UNDER YOU

and the reaction force will LIFT YOU!!

We don’t have wings but I came out to the beach to cast all my cares down and upon Him!! He truly does care!! I plan on doing some flying, because that’s the way wings work!!

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  1. May the sky be your only limit….!

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