How To Land On Your Feet!!

How to Land on Your Feet!!

I was talking to someone the other day and they said, “I am proud of you.” They went on to say, “I am sure you will land on your feet!!” This stayed with me for a while. I thought about cats and the myth that surrounds them having nine lives and landing on their feet. I thought it might do some good to investigate the situation

and see what applicable truths I could find. Let’s see!! As always, I will take the work of research of it for you so you can move quickly to the Express lane of joy.

Do cats have nine lives? No, they just make the best of the one they have. Is it luck? No it’s adaptation. Do you have nine lives? No. Make the best of it and learn to adapt!! Most people die because they remain a hammer and not an adjustable wrench!!

Can cats survive falls from several stories up? There are several instances where cats have survived fall from high heights and landed on their feet. Can we survive emotional, moral, financial, and even spiritual falls and get back up? Yes!!!!!!

How do cats do it?

1. Cats have the ability to right themselves. I was excited when I read this. We have the ability to right ourselves!! You don’t have to keep falling, crashing and burning. Before you hit the ground, RIGHT YOURSELF!!

2. Cats have what is called, “a vestibular apparatus,” located in the inner ear. This is what tells the cat WHICH WAY IS UP. This is important because when you are free falling, you need to make sure your feet are facing down. The sensors deep inside the inner ear of the cat, transmit signals to the lower area of the brain (the medulla); which in turn tell the muscles of the cat how to correct its position. There is something on the inside of us that helps us as well. Our vestibular apparatus is THE WORD OF GOD. The Word of God always points out “WHICH WAY IS UP”!! God’s Word is truly a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

3. Cat’s have a highly flexible spine. They are able to turn their front and back halves separately, even in mid air. This ability to turn is known as the “righting reflex.” Cats can turn it around quick. When sin has us going in the wrong direction, the Spirit of God will alert us and the ability to CONFESS and REPENT, affords the opportunity to get things turned around quickly. It’s our “righting reflex.”

4. Cats have discs between the vertebrae that are elastic and are able cushion the fall. They also have pads under their paws to aid in suspension when landing. Thank God for the blood of Jesus to covers our fall!! Not only did Jesus pay it all but HE took the fall. Whoa!!

If you know Jesus, you can land on your feet!!

Peace you cool cats!!

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