You Still Must Crawl Before You Walk This is the age old lesson of wisdom that all of us have heard and learned in life. There is a process in everything. There truly is no overnight success and going from zero to one hundred is just not possible. There is that in between time and distance that we must allow. My question is, “What baby ever agreed to this?” Find me a baby that says, “I understand and will allow time for the process to happen.” No baby will agree and none of us concur.

As adults, we hate the journey of crawling before you walk, especially if you have done a bit of flying in your life. It is the freedom and soaring that makes the return to crawling so difficult. We don’t like the look or the slow pace and pain of crawling on our knees. Doggone it, we want to fly!!

As odd as it looks to see an adult crawling on all fours, it feels worse. Even when you understand the concept. I’m sure we can all explain what happens when a baby crawls first and how certain muscles are developed that are needed in the walking process, as well as walking to running to flying, but who cares, trash the textbook, we just want to fly!!

We want to be good at all things in the outset. We want what we want and we want it now!! As you can tell, I am having a tough time with something. The lesson resurfaced for me just a few minutes ago. I woke up remembering why my process is so frustrating to me. Nobody wants to crawl. I don’t want to crawl and I don’t want time to crawl.

The more I say it, the more I yield to it, lest I experience the public embarrassment of wobbling like a baby with a loose head, trying to walk too soon. I could very well suffer the coffee table headbanger or wall wipe out of life. I really am too old for crashing and burning. It takes longer to recover now.

I guess I’ll slow my mind and ambition down a few ticks and allow the rest of life to catch up. Please know that even though I am on my back in a diaper, in my mind I am flying. Maybe that’s why babies are always kicking and flapping their arms? Think about it, you ever seen a baby just laying on its back spread eagle with no movement other than while sleeping? They can’t say it but maybe they are not trying to mumble, Momma or Daddy? Could it be that they are screaming, I want to fly?

Reminder: In all things, You have to crawl before you walk. It’s the old square one for you buddy. Take a deep breath and take it all in.


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  1. So very true!

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  2. It is very true! There is a process we must go through.


  3. I’m looking forward to you signing my copies of your bestseller. Babe you are the Bomb

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