Protecting Your Innocence…or What’s Left of It

Why did you subject me to watching that? What makes it worse is I was not forewarned about it nor was my approval solicited? Here’s the problem. You took it upon yourself to expose me to something that I would have never chosen to see on my own. I can’t UNSEE that. I saw it and it has a negative affect on me.

I won’t even ask you about the worst things that you have seen with your own eyes, solicited or unsolicited. I will save you the gory details of what my eyes have seen as well. You are welcome.

For safety, we wear eye protection on my job. In sports, riding motorcycles, and some contact sports. Sunglasses protect eyes from the bright sun, but nothing protects our innocence. We are responsible.

People love exposing you to things that you have never seen before. This world has seen so much gore that we have become desensitized to it. Just when you think it cannot possibly get nastier, it does.

Adam and Eve in the Bible had innocence at one point. The walked around in the garden totally naked but not aware of it because they had what was called Innocence. I have to to encourage you to protect your innocence.

When the world is declaring, please give us more gore and wickedness, you must fight for your desire to NOT SEE AND KNOW!!! Somethings I don’t want to know. It’s ok if I don’t learn some new stuff. There are some things that if I never see it, I will be fine.

Dear people, what ever level of innocence you have left, please protect it!!

Guard it with your life!! Once it gets in your eyes, ears, and heart, you may never be freed from it. It can’t be UNSEEN.

All I am saying is, you don’t have to listen to every song, watch every scene of every movie, and every video posted on social media. You actually don’t have to try everything offered.

Instead of having enough experience to say you know it all, why not be able to brag about what you don’t know, what you haven’t seen, touched or tasted.

Please Protect your Innocence!!!!! It is your responsibility to make sure you are protected. So while you have a chance, save yourself. I am sure that this message has reached some of us too late. We have seen and heard too much all ready. Maybe we can pray and ask God to erase some stuff.

1 Thessalonians 5:22

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