Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love…….

It’s 3am and I am laying here in the dark alone. My bed mates are a comforter and sheet, four pillows, a cellphone, and a laptop. Briefs and electronics don’t go together. I have enough equipment in this bed to either man the space shuttle, maintain world peace, or end global warming. There is enough electricity to light up Vegas. Instead I want to be with you and I hate it.

I hate Long Distance relationships!! I am entitled to my opinion.

I want to be able to hold you, feel you, smell you. I want to be able to hear you and see you face to face. I want to be able to watch your body language and facial expressions. Your touch, my skin, my emotion. I want to be able to experience the magic we make together and the chemistry we share in real time and in real situations. Distance does not afford me that opportunity. In reality, I am a man in an empty room staring into a phone with hope and imagination.

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  1. True story….homey


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