Rubbing and Wishes This is an old story that everybody seems to love. The genie trapped inside a lantern who upon released will grant you three wishes. I like the odds of that still. Some say this tale is about 2,984 years old. We been rubbing on stuff every since.

Lucky charms from around the world include acorns, an alligator’s tooth, bamboo, a rabbits’s foot, shiny pennies, triangles, four leaf clovers, crickets, a horseshoe, dream catchers, foo dogs, ankhs, ladybugs, and even the laughing Buddha Statue.

This list does not include our modern day items of luck. Lucky underwear, lucky numbers, magical socks, hair combs, purses and of course, we are still crossing fingers. All this luck and we still can’t win the lottery or catch a break.

As I shut down my life for the night, this thought comes to mind. A lamp, a genie, and three wishes!! I love the sound of that. I said to myself, 2,984 years later I am willing to bet that after all these years, we still would not come up with any better wishes than those who have rubbed before us.

Let me try my theory on for size. If you rubbed a lamp and were given three wishes, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR THREE WISHES BE? I’ll WAIT…

My first wish would be?……..Wow, It’s not as easy as I thought it would be.

What did you come up with? Money forever, World peace, life eternal? This list is endless. I guess it leads me to believe that riches and wishes aren’t wicked but the heart’s sincere desire is questionable.

I’m stumped.

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