“A Desire To Be Lifted”


Just a simple picture with no caption at all. You can title it a million things: Standing on his Shoulders, Lifting Me Higher, The Purpose of a Father, etc. When I glance at the picture, I question which one comes first, the chicken or the egg? The lifting or the request to be lifted? I see the caption being entitled, “A Desire To Be Lifted.”

Before there can ever be lifting, hoisting or elevation, it has to be preceded by a sincere desire and request. The purpose for desiring lifting cannot be to compare and compete. King of the mountain and visionary on the mountain are two different things. It has to be a desire to see.

Some people are happy with earth surface seeing, when others desire to see more. What do you see and are you satisfied with it? Like the child along the crowded parade route tugging on her father’s pant leg, begging to be lifted, she has a desire to see. At the level she is on, her view is limited.

Lifting requires a willing sacrifice to carry the weight of the person being lifted on one’s shoulder. If I am lifting you, It is imperative that you and I are clear on my purpose in temporarily shouldering your weight. It cost the lifter. If someone is going to lift you, then you as well must be clear on why you want up. It’s easier to bear weight that has purpose.

My morning thought was, “You can only see certain things from certain altitudes.” In an airplane, the window seat is the sweetest seat in the house for seeing. The aisle seat fails in comparison. At 30,000 feet, the view is breathtaking.

I haven’t put pen to pad in a while and it bothers me. I never force it because it flows when the inkwell is warm. I am use to the consistent years of God naturally waking me up at 3 a.m. with fresh thoughts.

As I lay here at 3 a.m., nothing in my mind or heart argues to be penned until I speak these words to God, “ Lord, I desire to be lifted. It is at noiseless levels of intimacy with you that I am overwhelmed with amazing ideas.”

I have no desire to be lifted to be seen but to hear and share. I don’t want to write mediocre, surface level thinking literature. I want to write in a way that clearly indicates to readers that flesh and blood has not revealed this to me. This could not be obtained at the local corner store of study. I desire to be lifted because it is my sacred and precious time with you. I never leave your mountainous presence without more than enough information. It would require me to employ a few pack animals weighted down to carry it all down from the mountain peak. People should be able to authenticate high altitude info from low level stuff. It’s good to be here in this still moment.

I am glad God communicates with His folks.

Lord, I desire to be lifted.


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  1. I love when you share your thoughts, Your words just leap off of the pages blessing so many people . Thank you


  2. Beautifully written! Amen!


  3. Staying creatively relevant requires a pause. A lifting. A willingness to shoulder thoughts that come from the divine. Continue to welcome them. The world needs them!


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